Thursday, November 26, 2015

Today's Word: 1 Chronicles 16:34

Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today. And I think that of all Western holidays, this is the one that Filipinos ought to celebrate, too. We have a lot to be thankful to God for and really, it has to be done every day of our lives. God is so good to bless us with a family, a home, a job, and good health. If one or two of these are absent in our lives, still, there is something to thank God for. For us, he created the heaven, the earth, the sun to give us light and warmth during the day and the moon and stars to illuminate our path at night. He gave us the sunset, the flowers, and our beloved pets to make our life even more beautiful and enjoyable. Sure, there are days of trouble and sadness. But even on those moments when we shed tears, God is right beside us to comfort us and even solve the problem for us, if we let Him. Let us thank the Lord 
today for his faithfulness and everlasting love! 
God bless you today.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Revisiting (and revisiting) Casa Quesadilla

As a food blogger (just amateur!), I try to eat in different places and rarely go back to those I've blogged about. But Casa Quesadilla is such a gem of a restaurant that I keep coming to back to it. In fact, I've been here five times since I first visited last year and I've brought my family, friends and co-workers. 
This favorite foodie place of mine is just a small one on the far end of Maginhawa St. if coming from Elliptical Road, already near Anonas in Quezon City. It's so small that there are only three tables inside plus two outside. Though small in size, it's a biggie when it comes to taste! Mexican food here is so good and so much better than in some other similar restaurants. What's more, servings are huge and prices 
won't burn a hole in your pocket! 
In my first post December last year about Casa Quesadilla, I shared about their tacos, nachos, burrito and beef quesadilla. When I came back a few months later, 
I found out they'd added a few more items to their menu. 
Wow, more things for the palate to enjoy! 
Since the first revisit and till the latest last Friday, we've had: 

Mexican beef quesadilla, P149.
Four-cheese quesadilla, P149.

Mexican beef burrito, P165.
Pizzadilla, P179
Mexican beef crispy tacos, P95.

Fish soft tacos. P125.
Macho Nachos, P160.
                                Grilled pork belly with rice meal with chimichurri sauce, P150.
Sola iced tea, P70.
Chalk board menu
Table menu

Casa Quesadilla at 176 Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City
All my family and friends who I've brought to Casa Quesadilla loved the food and the big servings. We've never left half-full but full to the brim! In a number of times when we were twosome, we'd order a taco each and share an order of beef quesadilla. One time I had the pizzadilla which is really quesadilla topped with pizza sauce, chorizo, pepperoni, mozzarella and olives. 
It's finger-lickin' good! 
Folks, you gotta try Casa Quesadilla. Wherever you're coming 
from, it's sure to be worth the trip.
Happy eating!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Great food, greater prices at Mister Donut

Good food for me, doesn't have to be expensive. Call me a cheapskate and I'd agree. Haha! Truth is, while I love to eat, I dislike shelling out a huge amount for a single meal - the reason I'm constantly on the lookout for places to eat with good food at pocket-friendly prices. This is why last Sunday, I was happy to discover yummy food and drinks at Mister Donut in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Sure, I knew they served donuts and coffee and even pasta some three years ago when I last visited, but this time, I was pleased to see how much their menu has since expanded to now include rice meals, pancakes and even milktea! I was, however, more surprised at how low-priced everything at their menu was. It looked to me like I was in for a treat.
I was just just too eager to try everything but alas, my two kids and I were still full from our lunch at the nearby Sunday Sidcor Market. I decided to initially order chocolate milktea for my young son and coffee for my adult daughter. The milktea was good and the not-so-little one loved it. When he was finished, we left his ate and our poodle (yes, we brought with us our four-legged bunso) at Mister Donut so we could do some early Christmas shopping with ease. We came back after a little over an hour. This time, our tummies were more ready for some food so we ordered:

Banana and Peanut Butter Pancakes, P69.
Cheesy Meaty Spaghetti, P80.
Creamy Carbonara, P80.
Thir Tea chocolate milktea, P39.
Brewed coffee, P48.
The pancakes were fluffy and oh-so-yummy! Banana and peanut butter is a match made in gastronomic heaven, more so when sandwiched by pancakes. Everything was drizzled with caramel sauce and crowned with creamy butter and more banana slices, making my shopping break snack just perfect with a cup of brewed coffee. It was not too saccharine, thankfully, 
saving me some of the guilt. 
My son loved his spaghetti and I did, too. It was saucy, with the perfect sweet-sour taste and topped with what seemed like a ton of cheese. Haha! It was a kid's dream spaghetti! Meanwhile, my teenage girl loved her carbonara, as well. Too bad, she ate with such full speed that her plate was clean even before I remembered to have a taste. Uh-oh! Oh well, I couldn't wait to be back to try the other things I ogled at the menu. And guess what! I was back just three days later! Yesterday, I was at work in spite of the APEC holiday, tagging along my bunso to the office. At lunchtime, we hied off to Trinoma to eat again at where else? Mister Donut! 
    This time, we had:

Donut Burger (solo), P120.
Beef Tapa with rice, P90.
Spongebob donut, P10. each

My coffee and our sleepy Muffin (the poodle)

My, my, my..the beef tapa was delicious! I've had tapa in many different food places but Mister Donut's surprised me with one of the best I've had. Beef tapa in some restaurants are either too sweet, or salty, or even saucy. But here at Mister Donut, it's spiced just right; not saucy but not dry either and the meat is tender and in perfect bite sizes. The meat is lean, too! The fried rice was also good with firm grains (I dislike soft and moist fried rice). 
The donut burger was a little disappointing, though. Well, the beef patty was delicious, but the donut used in the sandwich was sweet, with the two glazed sides on the inside. My son, who's a little picky, did not approve of a sweet cheeseburger so he just ate the beef patty while I ate the donut top and bottom as dessert after I finished my tapa meal. Problem solved! The little boy had Spongebob donuts as dessert and chocolate milktea again as his drink while I washed my food down with a cup of brewed coffee.
Oh, wow, what a satisfying lunch it was. Even my purse agreed! And by the way, thumbs up, too for the Mister Donut crew not sending us away when we brought our dog. Thanks much! Muffin, the poodle enjoyed your spaghetti, too! Do I still want to come back? Definitely 'coz there are other things that look good on the menu like the clubhouse sandwich and donut a la mode which, sadly, was not available when we were there. See you at Mister Donut, folks! 
Happy eating!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today's Word: Psalm 128:2

Many people believe that God loves the poor but shuns the rich. If we study His word, however, we learn that God is not against wealth, but in fact, wants His children to prosper! Consider his prophets in the early days- Abraham, Joseph, King David, King Solomon and others - they were prosperous and enjoyed the outpouring of blessings from the Lord. What God hates is the love of money and greed. He wants us to be financially blessed so we can share these blessings to other people, especially the poor. The Lord is also against quick money - He wants us to 
work diligently and enjoy the fruit of our labor. 
God bless you today. 

(Sorry, I forgot where I got this photo but thanks to whoever owns this one)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Going solo at Big Daddy's

I rarely try out new restaurants without someone to share the fun with. Yesterday, though, I had the urge to eat for the first time at Big Daddy's in SM City Manila even by my lonesome after a medical check-up nearby. This restaurant offers mostly American comfort food like burgers, steaks and buffalo wings. But they also serve a few kinds of pasta 
as well as soup, taco and nachos. 
I ordered:

Angus Burger, P100.
Taco, P85.

Brewed coffee, P75.
                                                  Inside Big Daddy's at SM City Manila 

Is it obvious I was hungry? I demolished everything that was on the table. Haha! The grilled burger patty had a nice, smokey flavor. You might say it's a little bland but it's fine with me as I'd rather go low in salt. The mustard and some ketchup gave the burger more zing and I enjoyed eating my sandwich to the hilt. The taco was delicious! It was meaty, cheesy, full of Mexican flavors and with lots of chopped veggies. I enjoyed this one, too. And then, there was a cup of brewed coffee to end a satisfying lunch. Plus point for Big Daddy's
 for serving coffee! Well, not every restaurant does.
Try Big Daddy's, folks and enjoy great food at reasonable prices and served by friendly crew. They have branches at Ortigas Ave. in Pasig City, SM City Sucat, Kalayaan Ave. in Diliman, Quezon City, Tomas Morato also in Quezon City, and Metrowalk 
also in Pasig City, plus the one I visited 
at the 3rd floor of SM City Manila. 
Happy eating!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lunch at Chubs Chasers

I tried yet another foodie place on Visayas Ave. last week. I was with my youngest son, who I tagged along to work as it was already their semestral break. Chubs Chasers is actually not a newbie in our office neighborhood, but has recently been reopened after being closed for renovation. Previously, it was known as Chubs Steak at Manok but its name was changed into Chubs Chasers when it reopened. Not only does it now sport a new name and a new look, I learned that even its menu is now 
almost entirely different. 
Anyway, here's what my son and I had for lunch: 

Nachos, P149.
Carvylicious Chicken with rice, P159. 
                                                                 Heaven Sandwich, P159. 
Iced tea, P59.

                                                              Inside Chubs Chasers

Chubs Chasers is at #86 Visayas Ave., beside Ka Tunying's Cafe

Well, it was a good first time eating at Chubs Chasers for us. Everything we had was good! I was glad my son liked his roast chicken because he's kinda choosy when it comes to his chicken. Chubs Chaser's Carvylicious Chicken is accompanied by a special sauce, which tasted like peanut sauce that's a bit sweet. The roast chicken itself was a little bland for me but the sauce made up for the lack in flavor. It was another good thing that there was some veggies - roast tomato and string beans - 
served with the chicken. 
My lunch - the Heaven Sandwich wasn't named that way for nothing. It was indeed heavenly! It consisted of pieces of ciabatta bread holding together huge chunks of chicken on a bed of lettuce and tomato slices and spiced up with fresh basil leaves and a dressing. I've never had a sandwich like this and I found it totally awesome. It also was served with chips, adding more fun to eating. Too bad they don't serve coffee, which could have given me a totally satisfying lunch. By the way, we had nachos as appetizer and it was good, too, with lots of cheese, olives, ground beef and chopped 
onions, chilies and tomatoes. 
Great for munching! 
Chubs Chasers is worth trying and certainly deserves a revisit. I'd like to try their lasagna next time! Pay it a visit, folks, one of these days and enjoy good food, a nice, relaxed ambiance and attentive service. 
Happy eating!