Thursday, November 19, 2015

Great food, greater prices at Mister Donut

Good food for me, doesn't have to be expensive. Call me a cheapskate and I'd agree. Haha! Truth is, while I love to eat, I dislike shelling out a huge amount for a single meal - the reason I'm constantly on the lookout for places to eat with good food at pocket-friendly prices. This is why last Sunday, I was happy to discover yummy food and drinks at Mister Donut in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Sure, I knew they served donuts and coffee and even pasta some three years ago when I last visited, but this time, I was pleased to see how much their menu has since expanded to now include rice meals, pancakes and even milktea! I was, however, more surprised at how low-priced everything at their menu was. It looked to me like I was in for a treat.
I was just just too eager to try everything but alas, my two kids and I were still full from our lunch at the nearby Sunday Sidcor Market. I decided to initially order chocolate milktea for my young son and coffee for my adult daughter. The milktea was good and the not-so-little one loved it. When he was finished, we left his ate and our poodle (yes, we brought with us our four-legged bunso) at Mister Donut so we could do some early Christmas shopping with ease. We came back after a little over an hour. This time, our tummies were more ready for some food so we ordered:

Banana and Peanut Butter Pancakes, P69.
Cheesy Meaty Spaghetti, P80.
Creamy Carbonara, P80.
Thir Tea chocolate milktea, P39.
Brewed coffee, P48.
The pancakes were fluffy and oh-so-yummy! Banana and peanut butter is a match made in gastronomic heaven, more so when sandwiched by pancakes. Everything was drizzled with caramel sauce and crowned with creamy butter and more banana slices, making my shopping break snack just perfect with a cup of brewed coffee. It was not too saccharine, thankfully, 
saving me some of the guilt. 
My son loved his spaghetti and I did, too. It was saucy, with the perfect sweet-sour taste and topped with what seemed like a ton of cheese. Haha! It was a kid's dream spaghetti! Meanwhile, my teenage girl loved her carbonara, as well. Too bad, she ate with such full speed that her plate was clean even before I remembered to have a taste. Uh-oh! Oh well, I couldn't wait to be back to try the other things I ogled at the menu. And guess what! I was back just three days later! Yesterday, I was at work in spite of the APEC holiday, tagging along my bunso to the office. At lunchtime, we hied off to Trinoma to eat again at where else? Mister Donut! 
    This time, we had:

Donut Burger (solo), P120.
Beef Tapa with rice, P90.
Spongebob donut, P10. each

My coffee and our sleepy Muffin (the poodle)

My, my, my..the beef tapa was delicious! I've had tapa in many different food places but Mister Donut's surprised me with one of the best I've had. Beef tapa in some restaurants are either too sweet, or salty, or even saucy. But here at Mister Donut, it's spiced just right; not saucy but not dry either and the meat is tender and in perfect bite sizes. The meat is lean, too! The fried rice was also good with firm grains (I dislike soft and moist fried rice). 
The donut burger was a little disappointing, though. Well, the beef patty was delicious, but the donut used in the sandwich was sweet, with the two glazed sides on the inside. My son, who's a little picky, did not approve of a sweet cheeseburger so he just ate the beef patty while I ate the donut top and bottom as dessert after I finished my tapa meal. Problem solved! The little boy had Spongebob donuts as dessert and chocolate milktea again as his drink while I washed my food down with a cup of brewed coffee.
Oh, wow, what a satisfying lunch it was. Even my purse agreed! And by the way, thumbs up, too for the Mister Donut crew not sending us away when we brought our dog. Thanks much! Muffin, the poodle enjoyed your spaghetti, too! Do I still want to come back? Definitely 'coz there are other things that look good on the menu like the clubhouse sandwich and donut a la mode which, sadly, was not available when we were there. See you at Mister Donut, folks! 
Happy eating!

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