Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today's Word: Romans 8:11

Today, we celebrate life! Jesus is risen, He conquered death! To us who believe in Him, there is no more shame, no more condemnation. We, whose Lord and Savior is the Christ, no longer have to fear death because even after we leave our physical bodies when our time comes, we will rise again to live forever with the 
most Holy God. This, because Jesus rose from death 
on that first Resurrection Sunday. 
May we understand the relevance of this most important event even today, thousands of years after. Romans 8:11 is a very powerful verse to meditate on. The same Spirit who raised Jesus lives in us! This just blows my mind! Imagine the power that's within us! If only we would understand this with all of our heart, we would know we do not have to fear facing the storms of life - troubles, sickness, financial difficulties. 
We have God's mighty, awesome power to deal with all these! 
So how do we tap and make use of such power? 
Through prayer and faith. 
Happy Resurrection Sunday!

(Thank you, for this photo)