Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lunch at Chubs Chasers

I tried yet another foodie place on Visayas Ave. last week. I was with my youngest son, who I tagged along to work as it was already their semestral break. Chubs Chasers is actually not a newbie in our office neighborhood, but has recently been reopened after being closed for renovation. Previously, it was known as Chubs Steak at Manok but its name was changed into Chubs Chasers when it reopened. Not only does it now sport a new name and a new look, I learned that even its menu is now 
almost entirely different. 
Anyway, here's what my son and I had for lunch: 

Nachos, P149.
Carvylicious Chicken with rice, P159. 
                                                                 Heaven Sandwich, P159. 
Iced tea, P59.

                                                              Inside Chubs Chasers

Chubs Chasers is at #86 Visayas Ave., beside Ka Tunying's Cafe

Well, it was a good first time eating at Chubs Chasers for us. Everything we had was good! I was glad my son liked his roast chicken because he's kinda choosy when it comes to his chicken. Chubs Chaser's Carvylicious Chicken is accompanied by a special sauce, which tasted like peanut sauce that's a bit sweet. The roast chicken itself was a little bland for me but the sauce made up for the lack in flavor. It was another good thing that there was some veggies - roast tomato and string beans - 
served with the chicken. 
My lunch - the Heaven Sandwich wasn't named that way for nothing. It was indeed heavenly! It consisted of pieces of ciabatta bread holding together huge chunks of chicken on a bed of lettuce and tomato slices and spiced up with fresh basil leaves and a dressing. I've never had a sandwich like this and I found it totally awesome. It also was served with chips, adding more fun to eating. Too bad they don't serve coffee, which could have given me a totally satisfying lunch. By the way, we had nachos as appetizer and it was good, too, with lots of cheese, olives, ground beef and chopped 
onions, chilies and tomatoes. 
Great for munching! 
Chubs Chasers is worth trying and certainly deserves a revisit. I'd like to try their lasagna next time! Pay it a visit, folks, one of these days and enjoy good food, a nice, relaxed ambiance and attentive service. 
Happy eating!    

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