Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fur baby

My kids come in all sizes, shapes and well..texture! I have one covered with fur. Haha! He is Taco, a miniature pinscher, who is sooo cute and cuddly. However, I gave him to my niece who loves him so much, and she took Taco with her to the province. I missed him so! Sob..sob..Days ago, however, I was very happy to see my baby Taco after five months when my youngest child and I went to my hometown in Quezon for a mini-vacay in time for my late father's "40 days". It was so heartwarming that Taco still recognized me and was so happy to see me, too! He jumped into my lap at once and showered me with doggie kisses. Haha! 
We were inseparable during the 5 days I was there and even shared the bed with me and my son at night. I would give him a quick bath each night and then tuck him in bed. He would squeeze himself in between our pillows and there sleep soundly till morning.

Taco on top of the table in the veranda of my sister's home.
His place on our bed where he sleeps like a baby 
Taco waiting on me fixing my things
 My baby is so adorable. :)
  Now that I'm back here in Manila, I miss my fur baby again. I can't wait till 
                                                       my next visit to my hometown.

Love today and everyday!

It's Love Day! Though I stopped celebrating V Day since I became a Christian, I still consider February 14 the day of love, though of course, as Christians, we must give and show Christ's compassion  to other people every single day of the year. After all, this is what the Lord Jesus commands us to do in John 13:34: to love one another just as He loves us. It's so easy to love people who are kind to us. But what about those who hurt us, who do us injustice? We all find it hard not to hate, much more love those who speak and do bad things to us. But since Jesus commands us to love them, too, then it must be possible to do it! All we have to do is invite the Lord to come into our heart so that when He fills it with His own love, it will overflow and spill over to other people. 
God bless you today.   

(Thank you, BibleStudyTools and for this photo)