Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet at Fisher Mall

In my previous post, I shared how my office friends and I love to eat buffet style and that we've been to several eat-all-you-can restaurants. One of those places we've been to and enjoyed was Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet at the relatively new Fisher Mall in Quezon City. There, it was the simple but classy interiors that immediately impressed us. White (or was it off-white?) was the dominant color, making the huge room bright and airy. And then, as we began lunch, we found out the dishes were all well-executed and high in quality. The spread wasn't really extensive but the quality and taste made up for it. I wasn't able to snap at each and every dish but I'm showing some to give you an idea of what to expect at Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet.

Appetizers and salads
Lechon belly, Lechon Manok; Paella, Bangus Inasal, Pork Barbecue

Kare-kare; Embutido; Fried fish

L-R: Pinakbet; Escabeche; Chicken Hamonado

Pork,Chicken and Bangus Sisig

Dessert station 

Soda and juice dispenser; Brazo de Mercedes; Turon; Fresh watermelon

Soft ice cream which my friend topped with sweetened langka; Halo-halo


Buffet rates are shown in the poster

Spanish cuisine is embedded in our own as a result of over 300 years of the Spaniards' rule over our country. Paella, escabeche, hamonado and many other Spanish dishes are already a part of our holiday or fiesta spread. And Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet owners obviously know we Pinoys have embraced Spanish dishes as part of our own cuisine. Putting together both countries' cuisine in a buffet restaurant is
 one sound idea, I just think so.
Everything I tasted among the dishes was good I couldn't think of what was best. But because Kare-Kare is one of my top favorite "ulam" (viand) of all times, I'd say I enjoyed it the most. Even the desserts I all liked but the turon, leche flan (that I failed to take a picture of because it's always "sold out"!) and 
brazo de Mercedes were tops for me. 
Try Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet, folks! It's perfect for a lunch or dinner out with family and friends where you get to enjoy good food and value for money.
 Happy eating!