Thursday, November 26, 2015

Today's Word: 1 Chronicles 16:34

Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today. And I think that of all Western holidays, this is the one that Filipinos ought to celebrate, too. We have a lot to be thankful to God for and really, it has to be done every day of our lives. God is so good to bless us with a family, a home, a job, and good health. If one or two of these are absent in our lives, still, there is something to thank God for. For us, he created the heaven, the earth, the sun to give us light and warmth during the day and the moon and stars to illuminate our path at night. He gave us the sunset, the flowers, and our beloved pets to make our life even more beautiful and enjoyable. Sure, there are days of trouble and sadness. But even on those moments when we shed tears, God is right beside us to comfort us and even solve the problem for us, if we let Him. Let us thank the Lord 
today for his faithfulness and everlasting love! 
God bless you today.

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