Monday, September 15, 2014

Home-cooked Pinoy food goodness at Tapa Supreme

I first saw Tapa Supreme on Espana Blvd. a few months ago and I was instantly attracted to its simple but neat interiors and no-frills Pinoy menu consisting of dishes that could just remind you of home like sinigang na baboy, beef with ampalaya, pancit bihon and bulalo served in a palayok. It's a non-airconditioned but pretty decent place with prices that are sure not to burn a hole in the pocket. It's always jam-packed with customers especially students, at meal times. I've lost count of the number of times I've eaten here with family and our favorites, 
aside from bulalo, are the tapsilog and sinigang na baboy. 
Here's what we've tried so far at Tapa Supreme:

Tapsilog, P55.
The tapa is a bit sweet and delicious and the meat is tender.
Bulalo, P75.
My favorite! Lots of soup. And see those bone marrow? So sinfully good!
T-Bone Steak, P75.
Good too! Notice everything on the hot plate's swimming in gravy. Haha!
Sinigang na Baboy, P65.
This is my youngest kid's all-time favorite. The soup is deliciously sour.
Beef with Ampalaya, P50. 
This was my daughter's order once for dinner. She didn't like it a lot.
Beef Pares, P50.
Quite good but no chili sauce! Grrr..! I settled for siling labuyo.
Pepsi products are available here.
The menu
Inside Tapa Supreme Espana at daytime

At dinnertime. I love those native lamps.
Tapa Supreme on Espana Bvd,

Tapa Supreme has three branches that I know of in Manila - along Espana near the corner of M. Dela Fuente; on Dimasalang in Sta. Cruz and along Vicente Cruz at the corner of Dapitan (not sure of this last street, though). Go visit one of these days for some delicious and affordable Filipino food that remind you of mom's cooking. Happy eating!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today's Word: Proverbs 11:25b

How would you like to be refreshed? Oh, I would love that! With all the stress that accompanies being a mom to four kids and a full-time career woman at the same time, I could just imagine how lovely it would be to be reinvigorated either by some good food, a lot of rest or just a laughter-full of conversation. This verse in the book of Proverbs reminds us to love others and do them good, and the old saying that we should do to others what we would like them to do for us. Let us help others who may be in need of our time, a little help in work, or money if we can. 
God bless you today.

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