Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today's Word: Deuteronomy 6:5

Yesterday was SONA (State of the Nation Address) day. And it was a looong and tiring one for us in the media. I went home late, with no more appetite for dinner because of exhaustion. Anyway, I'm sharing today a verse on God's first commandment to us: to love Him with all our heart and strength. How many of us are able to follow this commandment, with all the earthly things that distract us from loving and focusing on our God? Not many. Even I am guilty. Still, I try my best by putting Him first and praying before getting out of bed, hitting the  sack at night and as many times as I could in between. Well, the Lord sure deserves our love because He loved us first and He doesn't stop doing so even if screw up sometimes. That's how great and amazing our Creator is. The Lord bless you today.

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