Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cake and coffee goodness at Tokyo Cafe

My family rarely goes to the SM Mall of Asia because it's quite far from where we live. Last June, however, I was there on two consecutive days because I lived close to it - temporarily. My sister came home from the US for a vacation and rented a condo unit in Ermita. My mom, another sister and I took turns staying with her in the condo. And for two days, my sister and I went shopping at MOA because it was now near and we'd gotten tired of Robinson's Ermita which was just a few steps away. And what do you know, I discovered in MOA a very nice coffee shop where brewed coffee was so good I immediately considered it as one the best I've had so far. It's Tokyo Cafe which serves good sandwiches, pasta and cakes, all with a Japanese twist and a variety of delicious coffee concoctions. It's not really new but it was my first time there and I loved it. It's the prefect place to spend the afternoon after shopping (or window shopping. Hehe.) at this vast mall. 
Here's what we had:

Yoshi burger, P195.
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, P240.
Caramel Mousse, P230. per slice
Cafe Vienna, P120
Sumibiyaki, P115.
Caramel Vienna, P135.
Yumminess behind the glass

This sweetened our day

I loved this classic and classy chandelier

Before we were here, I'd already read some blog posts about Tokyo Cafe, that's why I jumped at the chance to eat here. And I wasn't disappointed. We all loved our orders. The Yoshi Burger (one of my kids was with us, by the way, on this day and this was her order) was good, juicy, very cheesy and so filling it could satisfy a huge appetite. My sister and I particularly loved the Caramel Mousse Cake, but for me, it was the Sumibiyaki coffee that was unforgettable. Not all coffee shops serve good coffee, right? In fact, only a third (even fourth)  of those I've been to have a good and satisfying cup of joe. But this Sumibiyaki at Tokyo Cafe really impressed me and it's now among my Top 4 favorites (The others are the French Baker's Tchibo coffee, Lido Cocina Tsina's syphon-brewed coffee and Azucar Boulangerie and Patisserie's Illy coffee). The downside here is that Tokyo Cafe's is the most expensive among the four. Hehe. Nevertheless, I could say Tokyo Cafe 
deserves a second visit.

Today's Word: Micah 6:8

It amazes me how social media sites have exposed the kind of people most are these days. Forgive me but it's very easy to spot the persons who are so full of themselves that they always want to earn praises from other people either for their beauty or intelligence (which is foolishness in the eyes of God, anyway) or wealth. This is, however, contrary to the desire of our Lord God for us. As we can see in the Bible, God requires us to be humble. And Jesus was the perfect example of this. As He is the Son of God, He could have walked the Earth as a powerful king. He was, however, born in a humble place and earned a living as a carpenter before He began His work of salvation. Before he was crucified, he was taunted and mocked and beaten, yet He humbly accepted the insults without defending Himself. And then He made the great sacrifice of His life. If the Son of God who owned the heaven and the earth and everything in them could be that humble, couldn't we, too? We, who really own nothing except the things given to us by God? Let us see Jesus as the perfect example of humility and follow in His footesteps. God bless you.

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