Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ka Tunying's Cafe: The place to be on Visayas Ave.

If you watch shows at the Kapamilya channel especially Kris TV, or regularly watch the news even at the Kapuso network, you've probably seen or heard about Ka Tunying's Cafe - that bakeshop/restaurant owned by Anthony "Tunying" Taberna, a news reporter and radio anchor of ABS-CBN. This homey place with classic and classy interiors opened last week of August but just about 7 days later, a gunman pumped bullets into the building's facade (it's a stand-alone establishment), shattering glass walls and balustrade. Fortunately, the incident happened in the wee hours of the morning when the store was closed, so nobody was hurt 
and Tunying himself was not there.
But anyway, the happy news is that this cafe offers lots of yummy stuff - smoothies, coffee, frappes, breads, pastries, and Filipino all-day breakfast. I've been here with my officemates maybe 5 times - either to eat and have coffee or just buy bread to take home. By the way, Ka Tunying's Cafe is on Visayas Ave., Diliman, Quezon City and is in my office neighborhood, that's why my co-workers and I are frequent customers.
So far, we've tried:

Creamy Baked Bangus with Rice, P225.
Tinapang Galunggong with rice, P175.

 Arroz ala Tunying, 150.  

 Pandesal Platter, P175.

Blueberry Danish, P85. 

 Strawberry Danish, P85.

 Banana muffin, P25.  

 L-R: Chocolate, strawberry and blueberry muffins, P35 each

 Agimat, P145.

 Supremo Latte, P65.

Kapinoychino, P65.

 Tunying's Blend brewed coffee, P55.
Dalandan Ginger Iced Tea, P65.

Ensayamada, P135.

Balikutcha - the sweetener they use in their drinks which they buy from Ilocos. 
I loved eating it as dessert, though. :)


 Main dining area on the second level

Cup-shaped chairs 

 This is inside an enclosed area upstairs. Once, I saw Tunying having lunch 
here with some guests.

Balcony dining area

Stairway leading to the second level

Counter, ground floor

 Menu boards

 Part of the bread display area

 Just some of the breads available

                                     Ka Tunying's Cafe on Visayas Ave, Diliman, Quezon City

We loved just about everything, including the drinks. My friend raved about the healthy green smoothie called "Agimat" - a mixture of cucumber, ginger and kalamansi. She said the three ingredients' flavors blended perfectly well to make a refreshing, delicious drink. Even their iced tea is uniquely delicious. It has the flavor of dalandan instead of the usual lemon or kalamansi. There's also bits of black gulaman (or was it really?)  in it. Another one-of-a-kind drink here is the "Ensayamada" which is inspired by the Pinoy favorite bread "ensaymada". 
Now you may drink your bread. Hehe..
Now on to the food. I love that they serve brown rice, which is healthy and recommended for diabetics like me. I had it with tinapang galunggong with tomatoes and itlog na maalat on the side. Yummy! My friend had the Creamy Baked Bangus then, which I tasted and liked. It had cream so it could be cloying after awhile, though. Good thing it was also accompanied by itlog na maalat and with atsara too to balance flavors. Another time, I had Arroz ala Tunying which was loaded with chicken and eggs. Delicious and comforting to the tummy, especially on a rainy day. My friend had the Pandesal Platter then, which consisted of four pandesal with different fillings - Spanish sardines, fried egg, corned beef and pulled pork adobo. 
As for their bread and pastries, my top favorite is the baguette, which I make into pizza at home, while my kids love the blueberry muffins and floss bread. My officemates swear by the Danish - both the blueberry and strawberry, and the raisin bonnets. 
Oh well, there's just so many things to love here at Ka Tunying's Cafe - the food and drinks, the ambiance, even our selfies with the guy (Anthony) himself, who is very funny and accommodating - always obliging to selfie requests from customers. Pay this cafe a visit, folks, but be warned! Making a choice (among the drinks and breads) is tough. Haha! 
Happy eating!