Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oliva Bistro Cafe: One of Visayas Ave.'s best-kept secrets

Like some areas, my office neighborhood in Visayas Ave. has its so-called best-kept secrets, gastronomically speaking. One of them is Oliva Bistro Cafe, which offers a variety of Indian and other Asian as well as Western dishes. It is owned by an Indian chef who has a Filipina wife. I first ate here more than two years ago but I recently rediscovered it together with my office friends. We visited Oliva Bistro and Cafe twice last month (August) and swore by their awesome entrees and desserts. 

Our orders:

Butter Chicken Masala
This was a friend's order, which I tasted and it was really good - layers of lip-smacking flavors from coconut milk, butter and Indian spices. I never thought I could eat Indian food because I'm not very fond of curry but this Butter Chicken Masala was surprisingly delicious! My friend ordered two pieces of Roti Prata to go with it and I thought the two were perfect together. Roti prata, for those who are not in the know, is fried flour-based pancake
that is cooked over a flat grill.
Linguine with salmon and spinach in garlic cream sauce
This was another friend's order which I had a taste of, too. This was delish! My friend relished it till the plate was clean, all the while raving that it was rightly creamy and flavorful, and not to mention, healthy with the salmon and spinach.

Pasta Oliva
This was my order on one occasion. It's a very simple pasta dish with olive oil, dried tomatoes, olives and some spices -- a bit bland for me but it's perfect for those 
who prefer something light and healthy.

Fettuccine carbonara with chicken, bacon and mushrooms
This one's my ultimate favorite pasta at Oliva. What to love? The fettuccine is al dente. The sauce has a balance of flavors - not too creamy nor salty and of the right amount to cover each strand of noodle. The serving size is quite big, too. Also, the piece of herbed bread is delish 
and nice complement to the pasta.  

Oliva Club Sandwich
This one's a filling merienda that could also be a good choice for lunch as it's loaded with meat -  ham, bacon, chicken plus egg and veggies. Oliva's lightly flavored fries are so good, too! 

Vanilla Panna Cotta
This was a little too sweet but delicious, that's for sure, apart from being pretty.

Mini blueberry and caramel cheesecake
I've tasted both of these and I loved them but the caramel (salted, yes) is my favorite because it's the more unique flavor. Oliva's cheesecakes have an Oreo base instead of graham but remarkably, they're not too sweet. There's also strawberry mini cheesecake 
but that one I have yet to taste.

For drinks we had:

Fresh lemonade

Cucumber mint cooler

Fresh calamansi juice

My drink on two occasions. I love the cappuccino at Oliva -- the beans are of medium roast, thus, the coffee's not too strong.

Meanwhile, on my first time at Oliva Bistro Cafe, these were 
my friend and I's orders: 

Hainanese Chicken Rice
This is one of my top favorite Asian foods and I was happy that Oliva served it. It's the ginger sauce that gives 'white chicken' its flavor and Oliva's 
version did not disappoint. 

Grilled Double Pork Chops
My friend's order which she said was tender, flavorful and nicely grilled.

Sauces for our orders 



Inside Oliva Bistro Cafe

 Oliva Bistro Cafe at # 77 Visayas Ave., Diliman, Quezon City

Oliva Bistro Cafe is, I'm sure to say, one of the best restaurants in our side of the city - definitely a must-visit when you want gourmet food that's fresh and great-tasting.
It has another branch at #8010 Marcos Highway, Santolan, Pasig City, so you folks, 
who are near that place can visit it.
Happy eating!