Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tempura on Visayas Ave.

Oh, we all do have different food cravings at different times, don't we? For me,
it was like Korean last week, and Japanese the next, with Mediterranean in between. Good thing there's now a branch of Tempura near our office on Visayas Ave. in Project 6, Quezon City, to answer my Japanese food craving. My friends/co-workers have been there three times, and we've happy with most of what we've had.

                                                   Mixed Boat, P650.  

Sashimi is my No. 1 favorite Japanese food and sushi is No. 2. Was I glad to have both in a boat! My bestie in the office ordered this as her treat for me on my birthday last August. Isn't she the best buddy one could ever have? Everything on 
this boat was fresh and delicious!

Tempura Bento, P295.
One time, my bestie and I did some twinning, and we both ordered the tempura bento. Included in the set are miso soup, kani salad, shrimp and vegetable tempura, rice and 
two pieces California maki.

Miso soup; Kani salad

Seafood Ramen, P275.
I know this bowl of noodles look very tempting but I wish someone told the chef to go easy on the shaker becoz the broth was too salty! This could have been the perfect, healthy merienda with all those veggies and seafood 
but too much salt ruined it.
Tonkatsu Ramen, P310.
This one did justice to our afternoon trip to Tempura because it was really good! The soup was hot, comforting and flavorful. It's less healthy than the seafood ramen because of the pork but all the right flavors that delighted our taste buds banished every tinge of guilt. 

California Maki, P145.
Whether for lunch or merienda, maki is one of my perfect comfort foods and tummy filler. 

At Tempura, they make good maki. The rice is of the right 
texture - not dry nor too sticky.

Gyoza, P129.
I'm not a fan of gyoza but my bestie ordered this together with the sushi boat so dig in, I did. Surprisingly, I liked this one as it tasted great! Gyoza is Japanese-style dumpling but it's originally from China where it is called jiaozi. It has meat (pork, usually) and veggies like cabbage, scallions and ginger. Though subtle in flavor, Tempura's version is delicious -- juicy on the inside, chewy on the outside. I loved it!


Inside Tempura

Tempura on Visayas Ave., Diliman, Quezon City

For us working or residing on Visayas Ave. in Quezon City, Tempura is the go-to place when it comes to sushi, tempura and other Japanese food. The offers are mostly good and affordable, the restaurant is clean, service is fast and the servers friendly and attentive. There are many other branches in the metro so find one near you. 

Happy eating!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween: To celebrate or not?

Today is All Saints' Day and it was Halloween just a few hours ago. Many pictures are in my social media feed showing how my friends celebrated this occasion much like the way it's done in foreign countries, the US especially. Children and even adults are dressed as witches, goblins and zombies and seem to be having fun 
in parties and trick or treat activities. 
But are we Christians supposed to celebrate Halloween and (unknowingly) glorify evil by dressing up as creatures of darkness? Before I got born again in 2013, I considered Halloween as the second happiest occasion of the year next to Christmas. I thought it was a lot of fun and even held a party at home one time, with me and all my children 
and helpers dressed up as witches and ghosts. 
More than a year later, I became a Christian and learned that celebrating Halloween isn't a good thing to do because it exposes one's self to forces of evil and Satanism and glorifies the enemy of God. In the web, there's a lot of good reads about this but there are, too, other articles debunking this, and even saying that Halloween is originally a religious (Roman Catholic) tradition before it was commercialized 
and celebrated "differently". 
Reading all these could bring confusion than enlightenment, really, but for me, a Bible verse can put the argument to rest. It's 1 Corinthians 10:31 - So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. One would be wise to do a self-examination with this verse and ask, "Do the things I do/wear to celebrate Halloween give glory to God?" Think about it and pray.

Meanwhile, I was at my favorite place last Saturday -- Amor Bakery along Espana Blvd. -- to have coffee and this was what I got: a "spider" on my cupcake! I never knew spiders tasted good. Haha! Nope, I wasn't celebrating Halloween. 
I only wanted a cupcake to go with my latte, 
and given a free arthropod, too. Tee-hee! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bibimbap craving satisfied at Korean J Grill

I suddenly craved for bibimbap last week and asked my friends in the office if we could go eat Korean food. After doing a little research on nice Korean restaurants, off we went for lunch to Korean J Grill along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. This place is a nice one, we found out, with a more modern and casual ambiance compared to other Korean restaurants we've been to. From the many pictures hanged on the wall, we learned, too,  that many celebrities visit this place like Vice Ganda and Billy Crawford. 
In a little while, it was the food's turn to delight us. 
Our orders:

Dolsot Bibimbab, P250.
This was love at first taste! Each spoonful gives a burst of delightful flavors. I loved too that there's a whole lot of bite-sized chicken and vegetables, they won't leave you wanting but oh-so-satisfied. And the serving is humungous, it could feed two persons. Craving more than satisfied!

Japchae, P300.
This Korean "pancit" was really good although it's a little too sweet for me. Lots of veggies here, too, and like the bibimbab, the serving is big enough to satisfy two to three people.

Sam Gyeop Sal, P350.
Samgyeopsal means "three-layered-flesh" and is one of Korea's most popular dishes consisting of grilled pork belly, lettuce, and a whole gamut of side dishes, which could vary in different restaurants. Kimchi, which is fermented cabbage is, always included in the set, though, as it is a staple in every Korean meal. To eat Sam gyeop sal, put a piece of meat on a bed of lettuce and top it off with sauces - ssamjang (made out of soybean paste, hot pepper paste, sesame oil, and other ingredients) and gireumjang (sesame oil, salt, and black pepper). 
This, I promise, is sooo good, I'm craving for it as I write this! 

Dweji Galbi, P350.
Dweji galbi means means grilled spareribs but I'm not sure if it's the one that's pictured here 
'coz they look pretty much the same and even the taste don't differ to me. 
The meat is really tender and savory, I couldn't help but eat a lot!

Side dishes served along with the sam gyeop sal and dwelji galbi
My favorite among the side dishes we were served were the lettuce with chili and vinegar and sliced radish. By the way, refill of side dishes is free here 
at Korean J Grill (as it is in most Korean restaurants). 
Love it! 

 Celebrity customers

Korean J Grill is at #186 Tomas Morato Avenue, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

It was one great meal that my friends and I shared at Korean J Grill. We immensely enjoyed our lunch! Everything was really good it was hard to tell which dish was the best. To top it all, we didn't pay much and only shelled out P300 each. Such a great deal for an unforgettable lunch! We are surely coming back to Korean J Grill, 
and I have the feeling it's gonna be soon!