Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cafe Dominique: A gem worth discovering

I love discovering good restaurants that are yet to come under the radar of mainstream foodies. I guess it's the journalist in me. I feel the need to break the news! Whenever I can, I visit places that arouse my interest - places not found in malls 
and those that offer something new and unique. 
It's for this reason that I found this beautiful place "hidden" away in a residential 
area in Quezon City - Cafe Dominique. I've visited twice - the 
first time with a friend, the second by my lonesome after 
shopping at the nearby Sidcor Sunday Market. 
These were what I/we've had:

       Roasted Pumpkin Latte, P90.
Thick, creamy, tasty. Served with a piece of toasted bread. 

All Hail Caesar, P250.
Crunchy greens, croutons and bacon. Deliciously healthy! Only if you don't eat the bacon. 

Baked Mussels Overload, P175.
I love baked mussels and I'm glad Cafe Dominique offers it. It's very 
cheesy and delicious, though a little oily. 

                                    Deli-Style Tuna Sandwich, P240.
This one's perfect for health buffs because aside from tuna, there's a lot of veggies, too - lettuce, tomato and alfalfa sprouts. Fries are served alongside. So filling! 

 Seafood Marina, P360.
This is good to have if you're cutting down on meat, like me. It offers a plethora of flavors from shrimp, mussels and the tomato-based sauce, all coming together beautifully. Yummy!

  Mango Graham, P190.
Dessert in a jar is a lovely thing but this tastes really good as well. Graham, cream and mango make for a nice combination. Top it all off with mango ice cream and you've got a heavenly ending to an already perfect meal!

Cafe Latte, P95.
Those swirls on top of my cup are mesmerizing, I just think. Latte art is one of those things that bring sunshine to my day! Underneath the beauty is really good coffee and that's the better deal. It was strong and crisp. This was my drink 
on my second time at Cafe Dominique.

Green Mango Shake, P100.
My first visit was a bit sad because their espresso machine was out of service, the server told me. I thus settled for this green mango shake that was refreshing although it was really sour 
because I asked that no sugar be put in it.

Fresh Lemonade, P135.
My friend's healthy drink.

In and around Cafe Dominique

Cafe Dominique at # 42 Examiner Street, West Triangle, Quezon City

Cafe Dominique is, for me, a great foodie find because of the yummy dishes they offer and the feel-good ambiance. Notice that the place is spacious, airy and with plenty of natural light coming in. One thing I'm not so happy about, however, is that there are some items on the menu which, I think, are a bit overpriced. But that's still forgiveable considering that most are priced either just right or even low.
I recommend Cafe Dominique to those looking for a nice place to bring their family and friends. Sharing the compound with the restaurant is a pet salon and two stalls selling clothes and knick-knacks. So if you feel like shopping after a meal or want to give your beloved pet some pampering, you need not go any farther than Cafe Dominique.
Happy eating!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The picture-perfect Coffee Project

Good coffee, check! Delicious food, check! Great ambiance, check! Reasonable prices, check! Friendly service, check! Yay! It looks like I've found the perfect coffee place in Quezon City. But don't fret, people from Makati, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Pasay, Taguig and Mandaluyong 'coz there's a store in those areas too! 
I'm referring to Coffee Project, an outdoors-themed haven for caffeine junkies owned by businessman and former politician Manny Villar. The QC branch is housed inside 
Wil Tower in South Triangle. Why do I say it's outdoors-themed? Because 
the whole place looks like a flower garden and bicycles 
can be seen hanging everywhere. If you're an Instagram person, this one would 
be a good venue for your photographs because every 
nook and cranny is just picture-perfect! 
The beautiful, modish and cozy interiors make the cafe conducive to whiling away time while "drowning" one's self in coffee, what else? 
And speaking of coffee, the latte that I had was perfect; 
definitely worth the trip. The food is not to be left behind, though, 
'coz my pasta was heaven in a plate. 
Here's what I had:

Arrabbiata Penne, P180.
I haven't had arrabbiata for years. I've forgotten its taste and didn't really know what to expect. But this dish, simple as it was as there were only tomatoes and no meat, still blew me away for its richness in flavor. And even though there was a lot of cooked fresh tomatoes, the sauce wasn't really sour and a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese provided balance to the over-all taste.

Belgian Choco Cinnamon, P85.
I love cinnamon bread and this was no exemption, though I wished 
it was softer and less dense. Still, it was perfect to nibble o
while I sipped coffee. 

Cafe Latte, P105.
Surely, one of the most unforgettable cups of coffee that I've had. 
It's clean, crisp and strong, with a taste that lingers. 


In and around the cafe
Hallway leading to the restroom

Even the restroom is pretty enough for 'tambay mode'

Feel like a fairy under all these flowers raining down on you.

Stairs leading to the mezzanine

There's even more flowers upstairs!

Coffee Project at the Ground Floor, Wil Tower, Eugenio Lopez Drive,
South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Check out Coffee Project, guys. There's not much on the menu but you can find good eats whether you need a heavy meal or just want just something light. 
And the coffee, I promise you, is heavenly! 
As I've mentioned, the inside is warm and cozy and perfect when you simply want to linger and "waste away time" and even if you have work to do or lessons to study. 
Find a branch near you and enjoy Coffee Project!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Quiet aftie breaks at Caffeine District

I've been cultivating a Sunday habit of late: spending some "me time" sipping coffee or tea wherever it's quiet, cozy and comfortable working on my tab. To do this, I'm constantly finding nice places, preferably close to home so it won't take me long 
to return to my household chores. 
One of my latest discoveries is Caffeine District - a coffee shop, obviously, that's very near San Sebastian Church in Manila. Inside, it's the homey feel that welcomes -- and a sea of heads buried in books and laptops. I was surprised that this place could really get jam-packed on a Sunday - with students doing their homework and probably, thesis. There's an old feel to this cafe that draws me, an old soul. The interior design is classic and dark brown is the dominant color -- from the wooden tables and chairs and most parts of the walls.  The result is dark interiors but for me, it's what 
makes the place cozy and homey. 
I was there two consecutive Sundays already, spending quiet afternoons with a drink of caffeine, what else? There's food to keep hunger at bay and the other Sunday - my birthday - a slice of cake to celebrate 49 years.

Chicken Caesar Salad
It may look like there's a crouton party in there but really, there's a lot of cubed chicken breast to enjoy with the greens. A healthy and yummy treat!
Tuna Sandwich with fries
The tuna spread wasn't exceptional but the fries were nicely fried - a 
little crunchy and not oily.
Triple Chocolate Mousse
What better way is there to spend a quiet afternoon on your birthday than to throw all dietary cautions to the wind and enjoy a luscious slice of chocolate cake? There isn't any other! I loved this layered goodie as it wasn't overly sweet but very chocolatey. So worth the guilt!
Cute coffee art, yes, but that wasn't all as the taste was great, too! It's strong and bold - perfect for warding off the afternoon slump.
Latte Frappe
I paired this with my chocolate mousse and it was a match made in heaven! I told the crew who took my order I didn't want any sugar in my frappe as I would be eating cake (enough of sugar!) and it was served exactly the way I wanted. Even if the coffee was strong and there was absence of sweetness, the whipped cream pared down the bitterness.


Inside Caffeine District 

Everyone, except me, is studying.

The color brown is everywhere - even in the couch and throw pillows.

Caffeine District is very near San Sebastian Church going 
toward Legarda St. in Manila

I learned that Caffeine District is already five years old and from the looks of it, it's here to stay. I will probably spend a lot more Sunday afternoons here, 
and who knows, many birthday breaks too!