Friday, January 29, 2016

Cara Mia Cakes and Gelato

What's your favorite comfort food? Cake is in my short list! For me, it's the best thing to have to beat the blues. Last Sunday, cake was just what I needed to "uncelebrate" my sister's departure back to the US, ending her as well as mine's almost one-month vacation from work. Just 10 days earlier, my other sister who lives in Canada also left after 2 1/2 weeks of Philippine vacation. I felt a little sad as both of my sisters had gone home and needed some perking up. Cake and coffee to the rescue at Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato! Fortunately, there's a store at the second floor of Robinsons Place Manila (Padre Faura wing), which is just a few meters away from our church on Taft Ave. I was there with my daughter after worship service and had:

Mango Sans Rival Gelato Cake, P135.

Blueberry gelato in waffle bowl, one scoop, P90.
 Iced latte, P75.
Check this out, AlDub fans!
Cara Mia Cakes and Gelato at Robinsons Place Manila

I originally wanted to have either the Mango Passion or Rouge gelato cake but neither of these were available by the slice so I settled for the Mango Sans Rival. And no regrets! It was the perfect marriage between cake and ice cream -- deliciously sweet (just rightly saccharine, not cloying!)! It was the best thing to have with my iced latte. Oh, yes, sadness simply melted away as I enjoyed my cake and coffee till the last mouthful. Hehehe.. My daughter, meanwhile, 
had the blueberry gelato, which she enjoyed eating, too.
Gelato, by the way, is the Italian word for ice cream. If you love both cake and ice cream, you can have them at the same time at Cara Mia as they have several varieties of gelato cakes aside from what we had, the Mango Sans Rival. This place doesn't only serve desserts, though. Also on the menu are rice meals, pasta and sandwiches. I would love to be back there soon to try them! Hope to see you there, folks! 
Happy eating!