Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk #13: Empire Fashion Cafe

Think you've had enough of Maginhawa St.? Think again. I've been to over 20 restaurants in this well-known stretch (loop, actually, because foodies include peripheral streets such as Malingap) that is heaven to the gastronomically inclined and thought I've had the best of it (That reminds me of my posting backlog!). Then comes an article saying there are newbies that offer great promise. Hmmm.. Time to go back to Maginhawa? The tummy thought t'was a good thing to do. 
And so, last Monday, my daughter and I set our feet again at Maginhawa, particularly at this interesting place that's perfect to visit at this time of the year when shopping shifts to high gear. We were at Empire Fashion Cafe, you bet! It's perhaps 
the most popular new address at Maginhawa today, 
having received its good share of publicity. 
But before looking at or buying anything, we ate: 

Aussie Shark Bait Burger, P185.
This was good but the beef patty was small and thin, making this burger a bit too pricey for its price. Thankfully, the fries is included in every order of it. We were also given a glass of soda but I'm not sure if it came with the burger or the lasagna roll.
Lasagna Roll, P165.
This one I really liked. The lasagna was packed with just the right flavors from the meat and tomato and cream sauce. By that I meant taste that is more subtle than screaming because between the two, I choose the first. I dislike my taste buds being flooded and "shocked" by too strong a taste, so this is perfect for me. And the toasted bread was really crunchy, which 
I loved! Two thumbs up for Empire's Lasagna Roll.
Ham and Cheese Maki Rolls, P90.
These pieces of deep fried rolled bread with fillings are good munchees, 
I imagined, while watching a movie or reading a book. I cringed, though, 
at the thought of grease.
Matcha Frappe, P145.
Because this was matcha, I loved it! Would have downright healthy without the cream and chocolate, however, but of course, this wouldn't be called a "frappe" without them.

After eating, shopping! Nearly everyone could find something at Empire, we learned. There are clothes for men, women and kids. There are shoes, bags, knick knacks, toys, and make-up. We found some nice buys, and went home happy with them. Prices of the merchandise were very affordable and they're surprisingly of good quality. I just think having a boutique and a cafe in a single store is one good idea. Kudos to the owner/s! Did I mention they have another store in Marikina? Yes, they do, and I think it opened first. 
Check out Empire Fashion Cafe, folks! 
Happy eating!...and shopping!