Friday, May 8, 2015

Bull's-eye 'bulalo' goodness at Bullchef

I had just come from a week-long joyful and refreshing summer vacation in my hometown in Quezon province. But before I left Manila with three of my four kids and two nephews, I had the chance to revisit one of Pasig City's top favorite foodie destinations - Bullchef. It is here where "bulalo" lords over every other dish - that extremely popular and loved Filipino beef dish that has broth which to me is so delicious and satisfying it could heal even a broken spirit. My daughter and I attended church in Kapitolyo, and were famished after the two-hour service.
It was but fitting to warm our tummies with bulalo. This was my order. My daughter chose the lechon kawali meal which also came with delicious bulalo soup.

Solo order of Bulalo called 'Bullilit', P135.
'Lechunami' (lechon kawali meal with garlic rice, ensalada and bulalo soup), P135.
Writings of celebrities who have dined here
Wall art
Outside Bullchef at #4 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
This was actually my second visit to Bullchef and my daughter's first. She loved the bulalo soup so much she declared at once that she wanted to eat here again. The soup here is very flavorful, which, I surmise, is the result of hours and hours of simmering beef bone marrow. Aside from our orders of bulalo and lechon kawali, Bullchef also offers other Filipino dishes like sisig and sinigang. All-day breakfast is available, too, to include tapa and longganisa meals. They even have steaks, which I was able to have a taste of last year when I was first here with a friend of mine. 
Try Bullchef if you haven't, folks and find very good bulalo without having to go to Tagaytay.

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