Saturday, May 9, 2015

Quezon vacation completes my summer

I have just spent one week of a wonderful summer vacation in my hometown of San Francisco in the province of Quezon, which is my own slice of heaven on earth. I made sure every moment counted, eating delicious food cooked by my mom and brother-in-law, and going to the beach to watch the sunset and walk barefoot on the sand at every opportunity. 
I took photos - lots of it - at the beach, especially the sunset which is my top favorite thing in life. I would thank God every time I was there on the shore, breathing in the gentle breeze, feeling the moist, rough sand under my feet and then the cold water at the coming of each wave, and watching the sun hide itself on the horizon to signal the end of a happy, blessed day.  Seeing the marvelous beauty of nature, I would praise the Lord for His magnificent works, 
made for us all to enjoy.

Kulong-Kulong Beach, San Francisco, Quezon. We went here for a swim and picnic.

Also at Kulong-Kulong, which is a little far from 'our' beach, meaning the one that's near our home.
Afternoon walk at the seashore to watch the sunset. 
Small fishing boats at rest
A medium-sized fishing boat called 'basnig' 
Near the mangrove area where we went looking for sea urchins but found none
Gorgeous seashells to add to my collection
Meanwhile, meal times were happy moments for our tummies. For one whole week, the kids and I were fed delicious "ulam" (viand) by my mom and brother-in-law that included inihaw na baboy, nilagang baka, crispy beef tapa and tinolang native na manok. For merienda, we would go to eateries to eat halo-halo or mais con yelo, chami - the pancit that is popular here in the southern part of Quezon that uses miki noodles - and pancit bihon. Sometimes, I'd buy "kakanin" or mom would fry "saba" or boil ears of corn. I'm pretty sure all of us went back to Manila 
a few pounds heavier than we left. Haha!  

Inihaw na baboy. Even without marinade, my kuya's version is so mean! 
Tinolang native na manok. You know the soup's much more flavorful when native chicken is used. 
Nilagang baka - my all-time favorite ulam 
What a beauty: purple 'kakanin' topped with toasted coconut
Chami - my daughter's favorite 
Now this is my all-time favorite merienda: pancit bihon 
Quezon crispy tapa and fried rice-corn make this the best "tapsilog" for me.
Fried "saba" and coffee make for a nice mid-morning snack 
It was our town's fiesta and we were served "sugpo" at my cousin's house. Yum!
Going on vacation is always a wonderful time especially when spent at a place full of memories of growing up. For me, it's a bonus that our town is a coastal area because I love the sea and sunset by the beach. Traveling back to Manila is always the saddest part. Maybe someday when I retire, I could settle for good in my beloved hometown. Who knows, I might be even able to build a home right there at the seafront. That would be a dream come true!

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