Thursday, May 7, 2015

Today's Word: Isaiah 55:8-9

Heartbroken from last Sunday's Pacquiao-Mayweather match? I was! I even had it in my dreams! My initial reaction, like of most Filipinos, was shock and disbelief. How could God, whom Manny serves faithfully, let him down? But God reminded me that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts, higher than our thoughts. We believe a victory is best for Manny and the Filipinos, but God, seeing the whole picture, knows that it is just second best. He has a better plan, the best plan - for His servant Manny Pacquiao and he should trust the Lord for it. I'm happy to see that the boxer's faith is unwavering, an example for us Christians to emulate. Let's remember that everything works for good for the people who love God. Amen to that! 
God bless you today.

(Thank you, Pinterest, for this picture)

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