Thursday, November 17, 2016

Of coffee and fond memories

Do you have that one foodie place that you keep coming back to not just because you love their food but also because of the memories it evokes? I do. It's Cafe France at Robinson's Place in Ermita, Manila. This coffee shop reminds me of the times I spend with my US-based sister whenever she comes vacationing. She would stay at the Adriatico Tower condo on Adriatico St. yearly when she's here, the reason we frequent restaurants at the said mall. Among our favorites is Cafe France for several reasons: 
it's near the entrance to the condo, the coffee and food are good, 
and there's free and reliable wifi. Sometimes, we wouldn't just be twosome when 
our eldest sibling would decide to join us.
These are what we order and love at Cafe France: 

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, regular, P180 

Seafood Soup, P130.

                                                                   CF Premiere Clubhouse, half, P110. 

Pizza Baguette Vegetarian, P120.

Pierre Tray Couture, P290.

Marguerite Tray Couture, P290.

 Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake, P145.

Red Velvet Bites, P50.

Café Latte, P110; Cappuccino, P110; Mocha Frappe, P155.

Fresh Lemonade, P95; Four Seasons, P95.

Everything is love, love, love! The salad, sandwiches, pizza, pasta--all are fresh, delicious and crave-worthy! One more thing I love at Cafe France is their 
Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake which is heavenly with its robust coffee flavor 
and just faint sweetness. My two sisters love the Tray Couture sets which 
are a complete meal (with a sandwich, pasta, soup, dessert and a drink) and were really filling and satisfying, they say.
Meanwhile, coffee, whether hot or cold, is pure bliss and is just the perfect 
drink to have with bread or dessert. The coffee, food and those 
conversations and the laughter I share with my sisters are 
among my treasure trove of memories from Cafe France, which I visit even 
when my sisters are not around. It's my go-to place
 for a quiet afternoon coffee.
By the way, Cafe France has recently opened a new branch at the Times Plaza at 
the corner of UN Ave. and Taft Ave. in Manila. This is just downstairs from the 
clinic where I consult with my doctors and also just a stone's 
throw away from our church. 
Happiness indeed!  

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