Friday, November 25, 2016

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk #12: Angus Tapa Centrale

Tapsilog or tapa (cured beef), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg) is my top favorite all-day breakfast, and I was amazed when I saw on TV last year that there's a restaurant serving it using Angus beef. I'm talkin' about Angus Tapa Centrale in Kamuning, Quezon City, which was featured then on Taste Buddies (and in a few other TV shows). It's just a hole-in-the-wall, non-descript eatery but mind you, it's patronized by big-name personalities in the likes of 
Willie Revillame and Vice Ganda. 
Meanwhile, Angus beef is the meat of a breed of cattle called Angus, imported mostly from the US but could also come from other countries such as Germany and Australia. The beef is said to be of superior quality and here in the Philippines, dishes that use this type of meat are exquisite and pricey. 
For this reason, I was excited about the thought of having a taste of my favorite tapsilog, now leveled up. I couldn't wait to be at Angus Tapa Centrale but unfortunately, could not find the time to go to Kamuning just for it. But months later, I learned that they'd opened a new branch on Malingap St. that's part of the famous Maginhawa restaurant loop. Oh, how excited it got me because this area is my favorite part of the earth. He he he... Fortunately, my food buddy in the office shared my keen interest and one lunchtime, we hied off to the place which is just near where we go to work. 
Here's what we ordered:

US Angus Beef Tapa Original, P165.
Baby Back Ribs, half slab, P295.
Almond Mocha Sansrival, P185.
Grape fruit shake, P135.
Cappuccino, P85.

Inside Angus Tapa Centrale-Malingap

The tapa did not disappoint, it was really good! The beef - tender, succulent and flavorful - was cut into small pieces so it was easy to eat and delicious - just as I expected! The fried rice was a nice complement to the tapa - not soft the way some restaurants serve theirs, and garlicky. The fried egg could have been perfect 
if it had toasted edges, though. Tee-hee. 
As for my buddy, she loved her Baby Back Ribs, too - smoky, mildly saccharine, and tangy. Yup, I tasted it and liked it, too. We had the Almond Mocha Sansrival, yes, but we decided to forego dessert this time, and my friend decided to just take it home. The cappuccino gave the perfect ending to my meal, which I immensely enjoyed. 
Angus Tapa Centrale is one great place for carnivores, I kid you not, and I am so wanting to be back as they have a rather long list of drool-worthy offers to try. And by the way, I read on food authority site that Angus Tapa Centrale made it to No. 1 of their Top 10 Tapsilog for this year 2016 (not sure about the year, though, it could be 2015). Wow, it made me feel good to have eaten it! Hehe..
Don't waste your time imagining how Angus beef tapa tastes like, folks, 
and haul yourself off to Angus Tapa Centrale now. 
Happy eating! 

P.S. Angus Tapa Centrale is at #22 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City

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