Saturday, November 12, 2016

A 'less than perfect' lunch at Papa John's-Visayas Ave.

Papa John's was a not very recent addition to the growing number of restaurants on Visayas Ave. and is the fourth that specializes on pizza. Some weeks back, it was here where I treated my office group of friends for my birthday and we all enjoyed their yummy offers from the pizza, pasta and chicken. Some of us ate at Papa John's for the first time (including me!) and we knew from first bite that it would not be our last. 
What we had:

Seasoned Potato Wedges, P120.
Flavored Wings, P149., four pieces 
Super Papa pizza, P595., party size
Pesto pasta, P190.
Carbonara, P190.
Spinach Alfredo pasta, P90.
Papa John's at 87 Visayas Ave., Barangay Vasra, Quezon City

What I loved? Everything except for one thing which I will tell you about later. The food, all is excellent! The truth was that I wasn't expecting much from Papa John's because pizza and pasta are everywhere, they're a common thing to eat. But the freshness and tastiness of the food at Papa John's set it apart from the rest. Know what I mean? No fast food taste, that's what. It seemed to me that food prep and cooking here 
were done with no short cuts. 
I especially loved the three pasta dishes that we had as well as the chicken wings which had the perfect blend of flavors with just a sweetish hint and a delightful crunch. The pizza was not too thick in crust, which I like, with lots of cheese and meat and veggie toppings. A bite gives a nice burst of flavors - so yummy! 
So what's not to love at Papa John's? The slow service! Aargh! It was very annoying as it was my birthday treat so I wanted my friends to have an enjoyable lunch but our orders came one by one in huge intervals that we would be finished with one dish before the next would come. So although I loved everything we had, the meal, if I were to compare it to a novel, was "anti-climactic". Good thing the only crew who we saw there (she was both the cashier and server!) was apologetic, explaining that they were undermanned that day. Oh well, apology accepted. What else could we do? 
I hope this was the last time we would ever have such an experience at any Papa John's branch. Fortunately, the food was so good it overshadowed the inconvenience of slow service. And yes, I'd want to visit a second time soon.

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