Monday, June 20, 2016

KANDLE Cafe: My perfect hangout place

Heavy traffic causing you to be late for work is one of those things that could easily ruin your day. But earlier this June, slow moving traffic on Quezon Ave. in Quezon City as I commuted to work turned out to be some sort of a "blessing". The driver of the UV Express I was riding utilized the side streets to avoid Quezon Ave., and passed by Mother Ignacia going towards Edsa. It was there that I saw Kandle Cafe, which garden setting drew my attention. 
If you knew me, you knew as well that I dislike wasting time and it applies to food. Haha! In less than a week, I was already there - at KANDLE Cafe - with my food buddy in the office. We fell so much in love with this very lovely place that has both indoor and al fresco seating. 
And then, our orders came. We fell in love once more! They serve food so beautifully your eyes will have a feast even before your tummy does. 
Our orders:
KANDLE Burger, P250.
The sunny side up egg nestled in a hole on top of the burger bun and the purple and orange strips of sweet potato fries were in a race catching my attention. Who would have thought about carving a round hole on a burger bun and then stuffing a teeny-weeny egg (quail's, I suppose) into it? How ingenious indeed, I just thought. As fries, sweet potato or kamote is a lot healthier than potato, especially for diabetics like me. And going back to the hamburger, there's more to it than the looks - the beef patty is perfectly grilled (was it really?) - more than medium rare but not yet well done so it's very juicy and tender. Perfectly spiced, too! Also, the patty is thick, so even if it's small in diameter than most burgers you meet, 
it's enough to make you stuffed.  

Arroz Caldo, P125.
You won't find a bowl of rice porridge as lovely and colorful as this elsewhere! And if you're wondering what's hanging over it like a bridge, well, it's bite-sized pieces of tripe skewered by two crunchy strings of pasta! If this isn't food art at its best, I don't know what it is!  If this arroz caldo isn't meant to go inside the tummy, I just might decide to have it framed to adorn a wall. Tee-hee. And the taste? My friend raved and so did I when I tasted it. Aside from having those things not meant to be put in a bowl of a regular arroz caldo (chorizo, greens, etc.), this one's also milky! However, there's not much of the grains you would expect from lugaw, because there's so little of rice. We then understood why it's in the Soup category on the menu. Well, my friend wasn't complaining because she wasn't really hungry as she had 
lunch not too long ago. 
Banana Walnut cake, P40./slice
This one didn't disappoint either. On the contrary, we loved that it's moist, chewy and delicious without being too sweet. It helped the arroz caldo soup make my food buddy feel full. 
Iced Latte, P140.
Though this had a deep coffee flavor, the kick was just right it didn't give me heartburn nor insomnia. I could say for sure that this was the best-tasting iced latte I've ever had. I would definitely want to go back to Kandle Café even just for this one reason.
Muffin and cakes.
Inside KANDLE Cafe
Breathe in some fresh air in the garden. We got a table in one corner here and it was just perfect. I love the company of plants! 
Kandle Cafe is at 113 Mother Ignacia Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City

Kandle Cafe is one of those third wave coffee shops, which number is growing these days, thanks to Pinoys' love for a cup of joe climbing a level higher as time passes. A third wave cafe is one that's serious in its business, making each cup of coffee an artisanal masterpiece rather than just another cup of caffeine fix. 
But here at Kandle Cafe, it's not just coffee that's artisanal, even the food. Each dish is masterfully executed and plated. Good coffee and good food that you can enjoy in a nice, cozy place, there's just nothing to complain about but everything to rave about and crave for. One visit definitely asks for a second. 
And in case you're wondering about the name, I learned from the father 
of the owners, Mr. Jimmy Ong, that KANDLE stands for the first letters of his children's names as well as of his business. As my friend and I were leaving, Mr. Ong greeted us and we had a nice chat, so we learned a few things about their cafe. He told us that it was his children's (one of whom is a chef) first business venture so he and his wife are also very much hands on to help out and guide their kids. KANDLE Cafe, he said, opened last April and they're still in the process of improving their menu. 
Well, don't waste time before you haul yourself off to this great hangout place. Whether you're with family or friends, or going solo to read a book or do some work, there couldn't be a better venue than KANDLE Cafe.
Happy eating!

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