Saturday, June 25, 2016

Best ever goto, halo-halo and more at Little Quiapo

I'm a lover of the classics or anything that is old - music, houses, things, and yes, restaurants! With the latter, I get to enjoy history and food at the same time which, to me, is just 
great as I love both. I'm an old soul, I just believe so! 
Last week, I got to eat again in one of those restaurants that have admirably stood the test of time. It's Little Quiapo, which has been around since 1949. Imagine that - 69 years and counting - a feat considering the very stiff competition in the restaurant business these days.
It was a perfect weekday for going out of the office for the afternoon break - not sunny and not rainy either. My food buddy and I hailed a cab and in a 
few minutes, we were there in Little Quiapo near the 
Philippine Heart in Quezon City. 
Our afternoon snacks:

Palabok, P93.
This was my friend's order which she loved. I thought I would not like it because it seemed to me that there was too much sauce but I did approve of this palabok when I tasted it. It was packed with flavors from squid, chicharon, tinapa, and shrimp which are the usual ingredients of this pancit. And look at the whole lot of toppings! No wonder this 
is one of Little Quiapo's bestsellers.
Goto, P110.
This was my order that I loved every spoonful of. The consistency of the porridge was perfect - not watery nor too thick. And there's a lot of tender goto or tripe chunks plus toasted garlic to top it all off, making my lugaw taste really good. Was this the best goto I've ever had? 
Might as well be!
Tokwa con Tokwa, 1/2 order, P64.
I love fried tofu and buy it often at our office cafeteria. We even make this at home. But I don't know what's with Little Quiapo's own version because it's sooo good! The difference, I believe is in the tokwa itself - freshly made and perfectly deep fried - it's firm but soft and 
a little crunchy all at the same time.
Halo-halo, regular, P100.
I'm not a fan of this Pinoy cold dessert/snack and in fact I rarely eat it but I really loved this one which was my friend's order that she offered me to taste. This halo-halo isn't like most I've had before --it's much more tasty, I honestly don't know what they put into it. Very creamy, too! I think I'll be going back to Little Quiapo real soon to have 
an order of this halo-halo just for myself.

                                                               Inside Little Quiapo 

Little Quiapo is at #90 Malakas St., Barangay Pinyahan, Diliman, QC

Pay Little Quiapo a visit the next time you're in Diliman area, folks! Whether at breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner time, there's something to satisfy your Filipino food cravings here. Aside from what we ordered which are best for afternoon snacks, there's also crispy pata, lechon kawali, rellenong bangus, kalderetang baka, and so much more, that you can pair with rice for a full meal. 
Happy eating!

* Prices are from Zomato. Not sure though, if those are up-to-date. 
I lost my receipt. Sorry!

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