Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe at SM City North Edsa

We Pinoys love bread a whole lot. And why not? They're delicious, filling and convenient to eat. Fact is, we love any bread we could sink our teeth into - whether they're traditional Pinoy bread (pandesal, ensaymada, hopia, etc.) or those that come to our shores from other countries (croissants, bagels, ciabatta and the likes) . As it is, we patronize both the neighborhood bakeries and the upscale ones in the malls, some of which are franchises from abroad like the immensely popular BreadTalk from Singapore 
and Tous Les Jours from South Korea. 
Middle of last year, another specialty bakeshop opened up in the country - Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe. It now has three stores in Metro Manila - at SM North Edsa's The Block, SM Makati and Landmark Makati. Earlier this year, my food buddy and I tried Kumori at SM North Edsa and found out how much fun bread-shopping 
and of course, eating here could be. Why? Look at 
how lovely their breads and pastries 
and cakes are and you'll know. 

Clockwise from bottom left: Signature Cheese Tart, Pudding, Krone 
(where they put something creamy into when you order it) and 
Nutty Bos - Dark Chocolate, Oreo and Chocolate.
Clockwise from bottom left: Cherry Brioche, Salmon Bonito, Blueberry Brioche 
and Fuwa Fuwa Chocolate 
Hanjuku Cheese Chocolate, Apple Bun, Saku Saku Chocolate cake, 
Apple Crumble 
Caramel Crunch
Here's what my friend and I had for our afternoon merienda that day:

Cheesy Ham & Mushroom Bun, P49; Red Bean Bun, P41 and Dark Choco-Bo, P30. 
The first one is soft bread with sliced mushrooms, ham and onions, and then topped with mozzarella cheese; The Red Bean Bun is a soft with sweet red bean filling and topped with black sesame seed; Nutty Choco-Bo is an elongated soft dough bread dipped in choco-hazelnut frosting and dusted with roasted almond bits. Of these three, my top pick was the Cheesy Ham & Mushroom Bun because it tasted like pizza, which I absolutely love. Also, I don't have a leaning towards sweet breads like the Red Bean Bun and Dark Choco-Bo.
Matcha Milkshake, P185. 
Thumbs up for this healthy, almost guilt-free cold drink. Well, the crown of whipped cream made me commit a little bit of sin but at least, 
it's unsweetened as I requested.
Jasmine tea, P75.
My food buddy's merienda cena drink.

My friend and I both loved Kumori, and the first visit asked for a second. And so, last week, I brought my daughter there, the one who loves anything Japanese.
Our orders:

Only one differs here from our orders in our previous visit - the Salmon Bonito (P55.) which both my daughter loved for its yummy filling and pillowy soft bun. I have a new favorite!

Soft Tuna Bun, P46.
Additional order for me.

I loved that the tuna filling had corn kernels. Yummy! The downside here is that there's too much air in the bread. 

Brewed Drip Coffee, P85. 
As always, my drink.

Summer Peach Tea, P110. 
My daughter's. She loved the refreshing blend of tea and peach fruit.
Inside Kumori
Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe - Ground Floor, The Block, SM City North Edsa

We loved Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe and I'm sure you would as well if you love bread (What Pinoy doesn't, anyway). The choices are many and fresh. The breads, pastries and cakes are different from what we usually see in other bakeshops. 
What's more to love? Everything is reasonably priced! 
Visit Kumori now, folks and find a new favorite. 
Happy eating!

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