Sunday, February 28, 2016

Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi & Bulalo on Visayas Ave.

New places to eat in the neighborhood whether at home or work place is always a good thing. The more choices, the merrier! Recently, my office friends and I were excited over a new addition to our list of foodie places on Visayas Ave in Quezon City that we could go to during our lunch and coffee breaks. It's Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi & Bulalo. If you're wondering why Batangas lomi is famous, it's because it has lots of meat ingredients (sahog) like kikiam, 
pork meat, pork liver and ham.
 If you live or work nearby or happen to pass by Visayas Ave., you'll just be as delighted as we are eating at Andy's which is a simple, no-fuss Pinoy eatery for the very good food, huge servings and downright low prices. The only thing you might not like is that the place is not air-conditioned but what the heck, the food is so good that the heat is unlikely to bother you.
Andy's opened on Visayas Ave. last January but we learned about it just this month. Since then, my office friends and I have not let a week pass without eating there. 
So far, we've tried these:

Bulalo, P95. This is the 'litid' bulalo but if you want the meat, you can order it for P145. The soup's so good, it's real Batangas beef goodness!
Lomi, P45. for the smallest bowl. The one pictured here is the bigger order, priced P85. and could already be good for 2-3 persons. I'm not a fan of lomi but I liked this for its balance of flavors, thick soup and having lots of 'sahog'. One bowl is really big, it won't leave you wanting.
Pancit bihon, P70. One thing on this: it's the best! I am a pancit bihon person but I'm quite picky when it comes to my pancit. I don't eat just about any pancit but want the really good one. Andy's pancit, I could declare, is the best-tasting I've ever had. I like its texture brought about by the thin noodles, the balance of flavors and at Andy's, they never scrimp on 'sahog'. There's always a lot!
Pancit palabok, P70. This one's my second favorite at Andy's, next to the pancit bihon. Delicious!
Pancit canton-bihon, P70. This was my co-worker's order. I'm also not a fan of this kind of 
pancit but I could say it's good, too.
Porkloin. I forgot about the price but I think it's around P60. An order has two slices of sizzling pork bathed in gravy. My officemate loved this.
Sizzling pusit, P95. My lunch one time. The squid rings are tender and the sauce is sweet-salty. Quite good, too, and a wise choice if you're avoiding meat.
Tapang Taal, P55. I ordered this out of curiosity as I wondered what tapang Taal was. Well, the meat
is pork instead of beef. It was surprisingly delicious!

Inside Andy's

Andy's at the corner of Visayas Ave. and Road 10 in Diliman, QC

In my 12 years of going to work on Visayas Ave., Andy's is the third restaurant that opened on its site. The previous ones, I surmise, closed down due to slow business. But I foresee Andy's flourishing as it's always jam-packed at lunchtime. And I certainly do hope it's staying for a long time  because it has become our favorite lunch and merienda place for the reasons I've mentioned (good food, big servings, low prices).  Try Andy's Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo, folks! 
Aside from their Visayas Ave. store, they also have one in Malakas St.  
Barangay Pinyahan, also in Quezon City
Happy eating!

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