Sunday, December 13, 2015

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk # 10: The Lost Bread (Finally found it!)

If you're a foodie who's fond of reading food blogs and surfing the internet for new places to eat and food to try, it's very likely that you've seen it - that ethereal, almost surreal-looking drink (milkshake to be exact) topped with a cloud of white-as-snow cotton candy. Some people have had much fun posing with this highly "Instagrammable" cold treat called The Carnival that I finally came face to face with it when my kids and I went to The Lost Bread recently. 
The Lost Bread is inside StrEAT, which, in case you're not in the know of, is a compound along Maginhawa St. in Diliman, Quezon City, where you can find around 10 stalls selling all kinds of food ranging from Mexican nachos and burritos to Vietnamese spring rolls, Turkish shawarma and burgers. We had just come from Casa Quesadilla a few blocks away and proceeded here stuffed 
with our Mexican favorites. Yup, we were here 
at StrEAT just for the frappes. 
And we ordered:

The Carnival, P120

Once you've finished eating the cotton candy on top of The Carnival, you find another treat to munch on before slurping your milkshake -- caramel popcorn! And because this milky drink has caramel, it's super sweet! 
Well, that's coming form a diabetic who has gotten used 
to the taste of sugarless (not sugar-free because
they use artificial sugar) drinks. Haha!
The Campfire, P120.

This one's got crushed graham crackers and drizzled with chocolate syrup plus a hint of Kahlua - a coffee-flavored, sugar-based liquor. See that small plastic tube protruding on top? That's where the alcohol is - squeeze it to release the Kahlua into the frappe. Meanwhile, a huge roasted marshmallow, the reason behind the name (campfires are the best occasions to roast marshmallows and hotdogs aren't they?), crowns this milkshake. 
Two of my kids ordered this and loved it. 
Doughfee, P99.

Of all that we ordered, this one's my favorite. Well, I didn't order anything for me 'coz sweet drinks are bawal but I tasted all of them. Just a little sip! Hehe..The Doughfee is coffee-based, that's why I loved it, only it really was sweet, as everything else was. I was a little disappointed with it, though 'coz it was supposed to be topped with a donut hole (a Munchkin) but they'd ran out of it, I was told at the counter. Sob..sob..   

 Spiked Cookie, P99.

This one's coffee-based, too but it's also alcohol-spiked and topped with a chocolate chip cookie plus more chocolate chips dotting the whipped cream. Like The Campfire, Spiked Cookie also comes with a mini-plastic tube containing liquor, only this time, it's Bailey's. My daughter loved it but didn't squeeze out the Bailey's. She had this, by the way, on our second visit to StrEAT yesterday, during the Quezon City Food Festival. 
(I'm doing a separate post on it)
Cotton candy being done for The Carnival.
What a beauty!

If you want fun and delicious milkshakes, look no further! Just don't expect to find any bread here at The Lost Bread, though, 'coz it's really been lost. Hahaha! Well, I asked one of the crew about it and she told me they really used to serve French toasts but it's been scrapped from their menu. Take heart, though, 'coz they're coming back in their upcoming restaurant. Yup! You heard it right! The Lost Bread is having another store, this time housed inside a building only a few meters away from StrEAT. The building's still under construction at present, but the crew lady told me they're gonna open it by January. Isn't that great news, The Lost Bread fans? 
Well, see you all there in 2016! 

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