Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quezon City Food Festival 2015

The Quezon City government held last Saturday the 2nd QC Food Festival on the whole stretch of Maginhawa St. - today's food haven in northern Metro Manila. It was such a big hit, with the area flocked to by people in groups - some coming with families, some with their barkada. Comparing with last year's edition which was the first ever in Quezon City, I personally think that the 2015 event was more festive because Christmas was in the air (last year's was held in October) and more stalls were lined up on the road, all the way to the end of Maginhawa St. before Elliptical Road. The whole stretch was closed to motorists by the way, so people including us, walked from end-to-end to enjoy the festival. Not only food were on sale but also lots of clothes, bags, shoes 
and various knick-knacks and bric-a-brac. So people who flocked to this foodie haven not only got to enjoy filling their tummies but also doing some Christmas shopping.
These are some of the scenes I caught with my camera:

A sizeable crowd queuing for churros con chocolate at Sancho Churreria's stall 
Yummy churros!
Many restaurants put tables and chairs on the roadsides.

Calesa minus the horse outside Provenciana Restaurant. 

I was a little surprised to see Silantro, a well-known restaurant in Pasig City serving Mexican food, on Maginhawa. It was one of the more crowded stalls during the festival.

Street art.
Just one of the many stalls selling barbecue that day.
Many balloon vendors were there, too.
We spotted some foreigners among the crowd.
Sweet things always draw me close.
Hmm..bagnet paella!.
A number of street performers added fun to the occasion.

This caught my attention, too - AlDub items on sale. Haha!
Tables and chairs inside a 'bahay kubo' in front of Nuezca Cafe.

Live performance by bands was set in the evening
People line up for nitrogen ice cream
Liquid nitrogen being poured into ice cream mix. 

Stall selling 'Christmas food'
Puto bumbong.
Food was practically everywhere that day on Mahinhawa and anywhere you set sight, there's something that makes you want you to go buy and eat. Sadly, we weren't up for food-tripping then as we had just come from my brother-in-law's wedding reception and thus, stuffed. I just didn't want to miss the festival and see how it would go this year. Well, we did eat and drink 
a little, at StrEAT Maginhawa Food Park.

Left: Spiked Cookie frappe from The Lost Bread; Top right: Cucumber Lemonade and Bottom right: Spam egg waffles, both from Egg-it Asian Street Food inside StrEAT.

I could say that the 2015 Quezon City Food Festival, like last year, was a huge success based on the number of both participating businesses and the crowd. And with the festival having been made a yearly event by the local government, us foodies are sure to 
look forward to future editions. 

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