Friday, October 30, 2015

The 'AlDub Meal'

Are you one of the millions bitten by the AlDub bug lately? I am, with no recovery in sight yet. Haha! Who doesn't find those two young ones cute and adorable? Oh, to be young and in love! Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza (a.k.a. Yaya Dub), as well as the three lolas - Nidora, Tidora and Tinodora have become my family and office mates' daily source of happiness and entertainment, that one day now isn't complete without watching their antics in the Kalye Serye segment of Eat Bulaga. 
And for the millions of AlDub fans like me, there is the "necessary" "AlDub Meal" of chicken fillet a la king with a drink at McDonald's. I've had it three times since its launch a month ago. The creamy, buttery sauce that is generously poured on top is delicious, its mixture of flavors blending perfectly well with the fried chicken fillet. So good to eat with rice for lunch or dinner. Well, as it goes, this meal is a "must" 
for AlDub fanatics out there. Haha! 
Thanks to Alden and Maine's TV commercial promoting the crispy chicken a la king, McDonald's sales grew by 470 percent, according to Margot Torres, vice president for Marketing Communications at Golden Arches Development Corporation. 
Wow, the magic this pair has!

McDonald's Chicken Fillet a la King

Maine and Alden in their first McDonald's TVC

But whether you're an AlDub fan or not, McDonald's Chicken Fillet a la King deserves a try. It's one delicious treat at only P59. with a drink. Won't you get it now at the store nearest you? 
Happy eating!

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