Monday, April 20, 2015

Crepes, crepes, and more crepes at Crepeman Cafe

Yesterday, I, together with one of my kids, went food tripping in Pasig City, something I'm rarely able to do. The only times I go to Pasig is when I visit a dear friend and attend worship service in our church's East Campus at Pioneer Center. Yesterday, I again chose to attend church in Pasig City just so we could eat at Crepeman Cafe in Barangay Kapitolyo. Here, I had a savory crepe while my daughter chose a dessert crepe.

Crepe lady
Blueberry crepe, P95.

Philly's Cheeseteak crepe, P100.
Beef, caramelized onion, cheese and cheese spread are inside the Philly's Cheesesteak

Strawberry smoothie, P90.

Mocha Frappe, P105.
Cappuccino, P80.

My daughter, although she liked her Blueberry Crepe, wasn't very happy at Crepeman Cafe because she was expecting to have a heavier meal. We hadn't had lunch and she was disappointed that all that's offered here are crepes. Oh well, I liked my Philly's Cheeseteak, yes, although it didn't have a lot of fillings, which was kinda disappointing considering its price. My strawberry smoothie seemed like the fruit was not fresh, just powdered flavoring. I hope not! Happily, the cappuccino saved the day for me because it was sooo good, I remembered Starbucks. Haha! I tasted my 
daughter's Mocha Frappe and it was okay, just a little bland for me. 
Have a nice week, folks! Happy eating!

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