Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun summer at Phi-Phi Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan

As I write this, it's been just five hours since I arrived from Morong, Bataan, where our agency held its annual Gender Awareness Development seminar/outing. While in that province north of Manila, we stayed at Phi-Phi Beach Resort for three days and two nights. My co-workers and I so enjoyed our stay - the good food, nice and comfortable rooms and most of all, nature at its finest - the beach and 
my favorite of all God's creations - the glorious, 
beautiful, mystic sunset!  

Entrance to Phi-Phi Beach Resort 
Guests' rooms 
One of the swimming pools 
View of Phi-Phi Resort from the beach 
Inside our room 
The sea viewed from the balcony of our seminar room at the second floor 
Minutes just before the sun dips into the depths of the earth
Dusk - my favorite time of the day
At dawn the following day, I went to the shore and found fish vendors 
Fresh squid. I bought two kilos 
Galunggong. I don't know what the big fish inside the plastic bag is.
Customers haggling with the vendor 
Boats of various colors

My eyes feasted on the various picturesque sights here. But my tummy was full and happy as well! Nearly everything that was served to us during the duration of our stay was delicious.  

Day 1 / welcome lunch - chicken afritada, breaded porkchop and mixed vegetables with rice. There's also
crab and corn soup and buko pandan for dessert 
Day 1 afternoon snacks - carbonara and garlic toast
Day 1 Dinner - sesame pork, chopsuey, grilled bangus (milkfish) and pork sinigang wirh rice plus corn soup and fresh banana for dessert.
Day 2 breakfast - fried rice, scrambled egg, corned beef and ham
Day 2 morning snacks - pancit bihon and tuna sandwich 
Day 2 lunch - beefsteak, toge guisado, fried chicken with rice, crab and corn soup plus maja blanca for dessert  
Day 2 afternoon snacks - spaghetti and chicken sandwich

Day 2 dinner - fried tilapia, ampalaya guisado and grilled liempo with rice plus chicken tinola
and creamed sago for dessert

Day 3 breakfast - fried rice, scrambled egg, beef tapa and longganisa. There's also corn soup
which is kinda unusual, if not weird, 
for breakfast. Hehe..

For morning snacks and lunch on Day 3, the resort just packed everything because we left early so we could drop by Subic Freeport to go shopping. We were given pesto pasta and ham and cheese sandwich for merienda and for lunch, lechon kawali and fried chicken.  We ate on the bus after we finished
buying stuff at Puregold in Subic.
Food in general at Phi-Phi Resort was delish! The only I didn't like was the maja blanca because it was rough in texture and way too sweet. This and the fact that there was no brewed coffee! Aargh!

Anyway, here's what we had for dinner tonight (with my family back here in Manila) - the squid
that I bought in Morong, which I asked the vendor to grill, too for an additional P50.

Fresh and delicious inihaw na pusit. 

Yes, I would recommend Phi-Phi Beach Resort for your nice vacation with the
family or barkada this summer. Here, you could go swimming at the pool or beach, play ball games, go island hopping (You could ride a boat for P200/person) or simply watch the sunset and savor
time off from work and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Have a good life, folks! Magandang buhay!

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