Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk #6: Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace

I'd heard about Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace on Maginhawa St. last year and became curious after seeing their menu and reading: Binanging Saging. It made me wonder if the owner of this cafe was from Quezon Province because there (where I come from), it's how we call grilled saba or cardava banana, which I looove! It took months, however, before I finally hauled off myself to Blacksoup. It was one Saturday last month, with one of my sisters in tow. But then, woe of woes, the Binanging Saging was unavailable, much to my disappointment! Oh well, I scanned the menu again, and ordered the Hot Balut, which aroused my curiosity as well, only to be told it was not available too! Grrr..haha! 
My sister and I settled for these:

Vigan Longganisa Pasta, P170. 

 Spicy Tuyo Pasta, P155.
Porkchop in Ciabatta, P140. 

Mango Turon with Ice Cream, P95.

Brewed kapeng barako, P55.

The Longganisa Pasta was my sister's and she liked it. The Spicy Tuyo Pasta was mine. I liked it, too, but would have loved it had it not been too salty. It was tuyo (dried fish), I know, but they could have toned down the saltiness by not adding salt to the pasta anymore. I liked the kick brought by the chili, though. It was the porkchop sandwich that I liked a lot more, with the meat's smoky flavor blending well with the mayo and soft ciabatta bun. I never knew porkchop could be enjoyed in a way apart from serving as viand to a cup of rice. And then, dessert and coffee - a nice combination of hot and cold. The mango turon was delish with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. A piping hot cup of barako coffee perfectly ended my meal. All in all, it was a nice lunch in a relaxed atmosphere.
Blacksoup's interior was both eclectic and rustic. The moment we entered, I don't know but I had the feeling of being in Mexico (though I'd never been there..hehe). One side where an old piano was placed was quite gloomy, though, 'coz it was a dark corner.

The counter
Old upright piano
Photos in sepia tone under a glass top make this table a point of interest

Outside Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace 

My sister and I were happily chatting the time away as we ate when the server approached us to politely tell us that we had to leave because they were closing down temporarily to open again around 5 p.m. It was then 3 p.m. Oh well, much as we wanted to make tambay for a few more moments, we had no choice but to go somewhere else (Trinoma. hehe). This and the absence of Binanging Saging and Hot Balut were the downside of visiting Blacksoup that Saturday. And yes, I asked the server whether the owner is from Quezon Province. Sadly, she wasn't in the know. I really think she ought to. Haha! Still, I hope to be back at Blacksoup and finally meet their Binanging Saging. Haha!
By the way, if you're planning on trying out Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace, you can find it inside a compound at 154 Maginhawa St. in Quezon City. Entrance is beside Galli Village Cafe. 
Happy eating!


  1. Hi,

    thank you for your post. i've already instructed our cook to go easy on the salt for our spicy tuyo pasta.

    our porkchop dish is one of our bestsellers. the porkchop in a ciabatta was inspired by the "pork in a bun" from macau.

    yes, our binaging saging na saba was an influenced by my early years in san pablo city, laguna. my dad was from tiaong, quezon and my mom from san pablo. i remember the binanging saging na saba being sold near movie houses bought as baon sa sine, wrapped in a newspaper made supot and topped with sugar and margarine.

    the dishes in our menu are mostly influenced by my mom and dad's cooking. they both cook well and we grew up in a restaurant setting since it was our family's business for decades.

    thank you again,


    1. You're welcome po. Thanks, too for visiting my blog. God bless.