Thursday, February 19, 2015

Maginhawa Gastronomic Walk #7: Tomato Kick

On the last Saturday of January, food tripping brought me once again to my favorite place for yummy eats in Quezon guessed it..Maginhawa St.! Our exact location on that day, however, was not really on Maginhawa but in its periphery - Malingap St. Oh well, Tomato Kick used to be on Maginhawa and we went there on its former place, only to be told that it had transferred to Malingap. It's either no blogger had written about it or I failed to read about it. Haha! 
Anyway, my daughter and I managed to find this foodie place, which, we learned when we got there, was really a bar and a hangout for alcohol-drinking students. The old me immediately felt out of place seeing those beer-drinking, loud-talking youngsters. Oh well, it was too late to search for another place 'coz we still had to go to church afterwards. Thankfully, the food was well worth the trouble. 
We had:

Pesto Aligue Pasta, P170.
Taco Salad, P130. 
Pita Pizza - White, P120.
Iced tea, P30, for my daughter, plain water for me.

                            We chose the al fresco area 'coz inside, college boys appeared 
                                                      to be ready to go all boozed up


Tomato Kick at #19 Malingap St., Diliman, QC

The Pesto Aligue pasta was uniquely good, with the plus point that the serving was quite hefty. Yummy and filling indeed! Well, my daughter and I both like pesto sauce on any kind of pasta and even bread, as well as crab aligue (fat), which is a sinful but definitely delicious topping on a cup of rice. Together, pesto and aligue make for one brilliant idea as pasta sauce, I thought on my first forkful. The taco salad - oh, we soo love taco in all its forms. Hehehe..and when it comes as a flower-like edible thing, it's still very much welcome. Haha! The marriage of cheese, seasoned beef and crunchy veggies made for one good taco. As for the pita pizza - it was another good idea kind of thing. I've never seen or eaten one like it and hadn't thought pita bread could also serve as pizza crust. Perfect for a light snack if you're not really hungry. The only thing that made me sad was the absence of coffee here. Aaargh! Anyway, Tomato Kick indeed gave us quite a kick that 
otherwise "troublesome" Saturday afternoon.

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