Sunday, July 26, 2015

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk #9: Theo's Baked + Brewed

Last Friday being a holiday (Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadhan), presented to me a fine opportunity to go on yet another food trip down my favorite eat street - Maginhawa in Quezon City. I tagged along my daughter and went to one of the newer places there - Theo's Baked + Brewed. As it was a holiday, I thought it was a good day to find empty places and the best seats but alas, Maginhawa was teeming with students chilling with friends on a no-school day! Fortunately, we came at the right time and not had to wait long for a table at Theo's. Inside, it's a charming place that has a little bit of country and a little bit of modern, chic style. It is small, though (the ground level, at least, 'coz there's a second level which I didn't get to see), and be prepared to squeeze and huddle if you plan to go in a group. 
Anyway, we ordered: 

Chicken Pockets, P155. There's two pieces of fried drumsticks stuffed with ham and cheese and bathed in a creamy sauce. This was sooo good! Served with rice and
buttered corn and carrots 
Al Pesto, P130. Fettucini with pesto sauce. Served with half a piece of wheat bread. 
This was my daughter's order which she liked, too. I also loved the tang of real and fresh basil combined with the saltiness of parmesan cheese.
Cookie Shots, P65. Pour milk on the edible cup made with cookie
that's lined inside with chocolate. Drink the milk, eat the cup! Fun to try and yummy too!

Real berries, P110. This is a healthy smoothie made from mixed fresh berries. Delicious!.
Mocha Frappuccino, P115.  Coffee-based. Yummy too!
Blueberry Cheesecake. We didn't order this, though. I only took a shot of this at the counter while I ordered the Cookie Shots after our meal. 
Cage table charms. Maybe you could leave a note here for your friends or sweetie? 

A cozy nook.
Theo's Baked + Brewed at 106-C Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City

We loved everything we had at Theo's, that's for sure, and was I happy for my new discovery! Nice place, good food, friendly service, affordable prices. What more could I want? Well, a bigger place, maybe, and a lengthier menu 'coz they only have quite a few choices.
Try Theo's Baked + Brewed, folks! Happy eating! 

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