Friday, July 31, 2015

Great steak plus more at Marcus

I don't know how long Marcus has been in operation but I discovered it just last month, thanks to one of my eating buddies at work. It's at Congressional Ave., very near its corner with Visayas Ave., where our office is. This place with a hip, simple and casual interiors is a restaurant at daytime but turns into a bar after dark, and a favorite, I read, among beer-drinking yuppies after a day's work. I was amazed at how many kinds of imported beer I saw at their fridge behind the counter (not that I drink, no, no!), but was delighted at the food - delish and coming in huge servings! 
To give you a hint at how I've come to love it at Marcus, I ate here three times in three weeks' time! My top favorite is the t-bone steak, which is huge, tender and delicious. It could come with rice (your choice of white or brown), or mashed potato, or both. There's also corn and carrots on the side, and all these for just P150 with rice, and P200 with rice plus mashed potato. Aside from their steak, I've also tried their burger, taco, burrito and the lone dessert on the menu, brownie ala mode. Thumbs up to these, except for the taco.

T-bone steak with rice, mashed potato and corn and carrots, P200. 
T-bone steak with brown rice and corn and carrots, P150.
Tacos, P120., two pieces

Burrito, P170.
 Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger, P120.
Potato Marble, P65.
Brownie ala mode, P95.
Lime basil juice, P65.
I noticed all their condiments are imported.
I love this Manny Pacquiao mural

Marcus at Congressional Ave. near the corner of Visayas Ave., Project 8, QC
I would have loved the taco,(which I had on my first visit) I promise, had it not been "different" I was expecting..well,  the usual taco with ground beef, but I was surprised that the meat came in huge chunks. Even the taste was "different" from all the tacos I've had. The chunks of meat tasted like "adobo" or even tocino! I expected to have the "usual" taco with the Mexican tang. How sad..the burst of colors from fresh veggies and grated cheese plus the hugeness of the tacos made we want to dig into them at once but alas...Anyway, on that first visit, I also got to taste my office friends' orders which was the T-bone steak and how I loved it! On my next visit with my daughter, I ordered this (we both did) . We also enjoyed the dessert - brownie ala mode - which was the lone sweet ending on the menu. My daughter also ordered a burrito which was big and yummy, for take out. I tasted it before asking the server to wrap it. Hehe..
On my third visit with another friend at work, it was the cheeseburger that I tried. It tasted good, yes, the beef patty was flavorful and juicy and the burger was really huge and filling. We loved the lime-basil juice, too - healthy and refreshing. It's the steak, though, that would keep me coming back. 
By the way, Marcus has quite an extensive menu. Aside from what I've mentioned, they also serve ribs, chicken, porkchops, fish, pasta and quesadilla. They also have many kinds of burgers from the simple to complicated to very complicated! Try and picture these: Italian, Greek, Monterey Jack, K58, Obama, Double Decker and Triple Goodness burgers. They even have Veg Burger for non-meat eaters. 
Try Marcus, folks, and stuff yourself silly..with a smile. Haha! Happy eating! 

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