Saturday, July 4, 2015

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk #8: The Baker's Table

It was last summer when I was able to try yet another foodie place on Maginhawa St., that well-known 'eat street' in Diliman, Quezon City. I was with Jackie, a family friend, who I gave a birthday treat to that hot, sunny day. When we got to The Baker's Table, however, we found out they didn't serve any other food but cakes and  breads plus drinks. It was a little past noontime and we were looking forward to having lunch. So out we went, bought pizza at the adjacent Bobo's Pizzeria, and returned to The Baker's Table. After eating pizza, it was, at last, time to taste The Baker's Table's famous cakes. If you're not yet familiar with this bakeshop, it's known for its cakes flavored with candies and chocolates that have been childhood favorites for many of us - Butterball, Flat Tops, Orange Swits, and Hany, just to name a few. Ever since I read about it, 
I've seriously longed to be at The Baker's Table. 
I was just too happy to have that opportunity.
And we had:

For me, Pochi cake
Choco Mallows cake for Jackie 
French press coffee for me 
Iced tea for Jackie
My picture-perfect coffee and cake 
Breads on shelves

Display of cakes 
Butter Ball Caramel Cake

Flat Tops Chocolate Cake 
Hany cake 
Haw Haw cake 
Inside The Baker's Table

The Baker's Table on 88-B Maginhawa St.
Truth to tell, I didn't like the Pochi cake because the strawberry top layer tasted like "medicine" and the texture was leathery. But I took a forkful of Jackie's cake, the dome-shaped Choco Mallows and I loved it with its thin chocolate top, thick mid-layer of marshmallow, chocolate strip with bits of mallows and again, marshmallow for the bottom layer. If you're nuts for marshmallows, this cake is for you because obviously, it has loads of it. It's not cloyingly sweet, though, just rightly dulcet. I liked that my coffee was done by French press. It was full bodied and strong.  
And before we left, I ordered for take-out a slice of the Butter Ball Caramel Cake 
for my co-worker, which she loved and raved about.
If you're craving for cake and want to have a taste, too, of childhood candy favorites, 
head to Maginhawa St., folks and try The Baker's Table. 
Happy eating!

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