Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Today's Word: John 8:32

It is a sad fact that many people still do not know the Lord Jesus Christ personally and do not have a personal relationship with Him. If only they do, they'd experience freedom from many forms of bondage because Jesus does set people free. There are many forms of bondage we need to be free from - sickness, poverty, false teachings, and broken marriages and families, just to name a few. And all these are sent by the enemy - the evil one. Yet, thousands of years ago when Jesus died on the cross, He not only gave us eternal life, He also gave us freedom from all these forms of bondage. However, if we do not read the Bible, we do not receive instructions on how to use the armor of God to be free from the grasp of the enemy.  
So today, I encourage everyone to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, read His Word 
everyday and know the truth that sets us free.
God bless you.

(Thank you, Pastor Don Moen for this photo)

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