Friday, May 15, 2015

Today's Word: Psalm 24:1

I know how busy you are, my friend, in your career and even at home. But have you ever paused and thought about how great is the Lord and what He does for you? When we're too preoccupied and engrossed in so many activities, we tend to forget the core of our existence, of who we are and who owns us. But if we start and end the day with communicating with God, we don't lose perspective; we don't forget that the Lord made and owns the earth and in fact everything in it, including us! How humbling it is to think that we do not exist, earn money and live comfortably by our own means and ability but because God has allowed us to live and gives us breath each day! May we always be thankful to God for this and everything else that He blesses us with. God is good and longs to give us our needs to face life and its challenges. And not just our needs! He wants us to have life - and have it more abundantly! Wonderful is our Lord, isn't He? Be blessed this day, my friend.

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