Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'Perfect lunch' at Lido

We all sometimes have that meal, which, no matter how simple, leaves us perfectly happy and satisfied, don't we? Yesterday, I had just that - at Panciteria Lido just a few steps away from our office on Visayas Ave. in Quezon City. I was with my daughter, who I tagged along after bringing her to the doctor. She went home after we've had lunch, while I went back to work. Anyway, my lunch was really simple - pandesal, pansit and brewed coffee. But everything was sooo good I still had good memories of it long after lunchtime. My daughter had lumpiang shanghai and yang chow fried rice plus mango jello for dessert and those were delicious as well. That lunch just reinforced my resolve to hold Lido as among my top favorite restaurants. 

Lumpiang Shanghai with rice, P105. We added P45 to change the plain rice into yang chow fried rice, and P20 for a glass of iced tea. 
Pancit Chami, P130, solo order 
Kape't Pandesal, P135. Choose between asado and corned beef as pandesal filling. 
Mango Jello Cooler, P55. 
Syphon-brewed coffee 
Iced tea
It was my fifth time to eat at Panciteria Lido - four times here in Visayas and once at their UN Ave. branch. I just love the food here and their syphon-brewed coffee.  My favorites here are the shrimp balls, chicken feet, the pork asado-stuffed pandesal and yang chow fried rice, which could well be a meal by itself as it has shrimp, egg and vegetable bits. Yesterday, I ordered a separate serving of this which I took to the office and had it for dinner. Even in a not-hot-anymore state, the yang chow was still delicious! I'm craving for it again as I write this. Haha! I'm just glad that Panciteria Lido is very near my work place. I could eat there whenever I like. 
If you're craving for Chinese food, I'd definitely recommend Panciteria Lido for the yummy food, clean and simple interiors (the Visayas store has classic, dark wood furniture and glass walls plus high ceiling so it's airy and not at all crammed like other restaurants) and nice service. 
Happy Eating, folks!

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