Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday good eats

How's your Sunday? Mine's busy and quite full of good eats that I enjoyed snapping away with my camera, too. One thing made me sad, though. I failed to use my camera at the restaurant because I left my SD card at home! Oh my, I wanted to cry...Anyway, I started the day with a nice brekkie at home consisting of tinapang salinas (smoked fish, which is among my favorite foods) and aligue (crab fat) rice. Lunch was pinakbet, leftover tinapa plus lechon kawali bought at the neighborhood carinderia. Merienda was at Banapple at SM North Edsa, where I found out my SD card was not inside my DSLR and I had to contend with taking pictures using cellphone camera. Back home for dinner, I had pork giniling with egg, which I cooked for the family. One more yummy eat for the day was chicken isaw (intestines) bought from the street vendor near our home and which was love, love, love...
no picture though..I forgot!

Breakfast - aligue rice, tinapang salinas and brewed coffee
Afternoon snacks at Banapple-SM North Edsa: chicken salad sandwich; 
iced tea, Pasta Jacintha and cappuccino.
Pork giniling with egg and rice for dinner 

Sundays are indeed great to spend with family and share good food and laughter. 
Have a nice week ahead, friends!

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