Saturday, March 28, 2015

Satisfy your sausage cravings at Longganisa Sorpresa

Longganisa or Philippine-style sausage, like adobo, has so many different versions in the country. In some places like in Pampanga, it's sweet and garlicky. In other areas such as in Lucban, Quezon province, it's also garlicky but a little bit sour. Depending on where you are in the Philippines, longganisa varies in kind according to the spices and marinade used. 
Now how would you like to try different kinds of longganisa from different parts of the archipelago at one time and in one place? I found a restaurant where this is possible -  Longganisa Sorpresa in Pasig City. Here, you can find over a dozen varieties of the native sausage from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao including the famous ones from Vigan, Tuguegarao and Lucban. If you're really into it, order a platter consisting of different kinds of longganisa. You can also enjoy longganisa in other "forms" such as on their pizza or as binagoongan and sisig. But aside from longganisa, there are other interesting items on their menu such as the Crispy Pinakbet (which, sadly, was not available when we were there) and champorado with tuyowhich, I imagine, would be a perfect 
breakfast or merienda on a rainy day.
Anyway, here's what I, with two companions on that day, had: 

Taconissa Ensalada, P150. 
Bagnet Silog, P150.
Vigan Longganisa silog with drink, P99.
Tuguegarao Longganisa silog w/ drink, P99.
Kapeng Barako, P55. 
Vinegar choices 


Map of where special longganisa can be found around the Philippines
Different kinds of vinegar for sale 
Longanisa Sorpresa at 16-A United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City 

It was one enjoyable lunch we had. Longganisa Sorpresa's version of nacho salad, the Taconissa, had lots of longganisa bits, chopped tomatoes, onion and cabbage and topped with cheese and mayonnaise. Yummy! The two varieties of longganisa we had - Vigan and Tuguegarao - were equally good, especially when dipped in spicy vinegar. Even the fried rice and egg, I liked. Haha! My daughter enjoyed her Bagnet Silog, too. Apparently, she has not moved on from our trip to Ilocos Sur and Norte. Hehehe..Anyway, Kapeng Barako ended my meal on a perfect note. Too bad we didn't order anything for dessert. How I'd love to eat at Longganisa Sorpresa again someday soon to try the other kinds of longganisa and dessert. I suggest you also try Longganisa Sorpresa for the good food at affordable prices. By the way, for a bit of trivia, this restaurant is owned by actress Andrea del Rosario. 
Happy eating! 

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