Sunday, March 15, 2015

Army Navy: My happy tummy place

Visayas Ave. in Quezon City has been my second home for 11 years now because it is here where I go to work and spend 1/3 of each day, five days a week. And happily so. This stretch of a road is both residential and commercial, giving a feeling of both home and business. Whatever I need - food, housewares, school supplies, and just about anything, can be bought in the market at the far end of the road, and the groceries and restaurants and mini-mall (Wilcon Depot) that line the road on both sides. Surely, there are more restaurants now than when I started working more than a decade ago, and my officemates and I rejoice whenever a new one opens its doors.  Haha!
Last year, Army Navy, which serves all-day breakfast plus burgers and Mexican food, opened a branch on Visayas Ave. and I believe it's still the latest foodie place to open there. And I was happy to add this to my list of favorites. I've eaten there four times since then, 
once solo, the other times with my kids and co-workers. 
Here's what we've enjoyed at Army Navy: 

Burger, Classic, P165
Fearless Fried Chicken, P175.
Crunchy Tacos, P160.

Freedom Fries, P75. 

Tortilla chips, P35; Cheese dip with jalapeno, P20.

Freedom Toast ala Mode, P65.

Brewed coffee, P50.

Strawberry Milkshake, P99.
LiberTea Large cup, P75.

Army Navy on Visayas Ave.

I love everything I've tried at Army Navy. However, I order the crunchy tacos for myself everytime I visit. That's how much I love it! I also heap praises on their fries - the best I've had anywhere! I've never had fries that thin, crunchy and flavorful. Their blueberry French toast ala mode is also a must-try. For me, it was perfect with coffee - never mind if there's a scoop of ice cream on it (the contrast between hot and cold makes it all the more interesting. :)) It's a heavenly dessert that gives a sweet, nice ending ending to any meal. And speaking of coffee,  I'm happy they serve it all-day at Army Navy. And quite good at that! For me, it's of just the right roast - not light, not too dark either. All in all, I've had such happy visits to Army Navy because of the yummy eats and good coffee. 
I'm looking forward to my next!

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