Sunday, December 7, 2014

Enjoy a 'Heart Attack' at Backyard Burgers

T'was a rainy Saturday afternoon last week but it didn't stop me and my son from going to Quezon City to try this burger joint in front of ABS-CBN - the Backyard Burgers. It's really just there across the street from the network, and only about one block from Quezon Ave. There are two other restaurants in that compound and Backyard is in between them. Inside, it's really small but there are also tables and chairs outside for the three establishments. The interiors are simple and casual. Quite dim too because the walls are painted in black. But the food, it's really the star in here. Brace yourselves 'coz the servings are huge! We we're not prepared for this so we ordered quite a lot. Haha! But it's okay, the folks at home enjoyed the take-outs. 
Backyard Burgers is big in taste too! 
We had:

The Heart Attack burger, P245. It doesn't have that name for nothing. Make sure to take your meds. Haha!
Buffalo Wild Wings, P165. 
Cheesy Fries, P95. 
Obscene Onion Rings,  P120.  'Obscene' means large serving here.
Brewed Coffee, P40.
House Blend Iced Tea, P35.
The Menu

We loved the burger called the "Heart Attack", which was too big even for my son and me (Well, my son finished his half but I didn't mine). The beef patty that was around one-inch thick was grilled to perfection, keeping the juices and all the flavors intact. Crispy pork belly (bacon) strips were on top of the burger patty, and cheese sauce was poured over. Delicious and very filling! The size itself (the bun is about 6-7 inches in diameter) might just give you a heart attack but I sure don't want that to happen. Haha! The buffalo wings were yummy as well, especially when dipped in the bleu cheese that came with it. The sweetness and zing were just right. However, I found it way too oily that's why there was the "sawa" factor. I felt my head go light and frankly, this might as well give me the heart attack rather than the burger! I immediately popped up my anti-hypertension pill. Haha! The oiliness was also true with the onion rings so I had little of this. The cheesy fries was quite good, too - with lots of mushroom bits and yes- cheese sauce. One more thing I loved here - they serve brewed coffee! Plus, their prices are quite reasonable. Brewed coffee for just P40! And it was good coffee at that. And yes, service was friendly. All in all, my son and I were happy eaters that afternoon. Check out Backyard Burgers, guys!  

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