Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Exciting eat-outs at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Very early this year, I saw on Facebook Tokyo Bubble Tea -- a  casual and informal restaurant serving Japanese and Korean food with a number of branches in and outside Metro Manila. The very yummy-looking food picture in that post got me drooling and so wanting to go! So on the first Saturday of 2017, after watching a Metro Manila Film Festival entry at SM North Edsa, I had late lunch at Tokyo Bubble Tea there at The Block and ordered what got me drooling on first sight - the Teriyaki Chicken Doria. It was sooo good it made me resolved to be back soon. Since then, I've made three visits -- once with a friend, at the Trinoma branch and twice solo at the SM North Edsa. 
How I wish they have a store at the Taft Ave. area in Manila 
so I could go too before or after going to church. 
So far, these are what I/we have ordered at Tokyo Bubble Tea:

 Teriyaki Chicken Doria, P255.
This casserole is pure bliss! Delicious grilled chicken teriyaki tops a bed of cheesy cream sauce with baked rice underneath. A spoonful of everything could send the taste buds an awesome myriad of flavors -- sweet-salty, tangy and smoky all at once. I remember the muffled "uhmmm" that I uttered with each of the first few spoonfuls! I tell you, this rice casserole isn't easy to forget and could send you daydreaming 
long after the last mouthful. 

Ebi Yakisoba, P289.
Yakisoba is Japan's counterpart to our very own "pancit". It's a noodle dish with meat and vegetables and is quite comparable to pancit canton. At Tokyo Bubble Tea, yakisoba is good - meaty and with lots of veggies. Meanwhile, there are two pieces of ebi (shrimp) tempura drizzled with sweet tonkatsu sauce. This dish is yummy but not guilt-free for me because of the sweetness.

Gyutendon, P325.
This was my friend's order. Rice is topped with tempura 
and slices of beef, and served on a hot stone bowl.

Bibimbop, P288.
Bibimbap (also, bi him bap or bibimbop), is a Korean dish that is one of my favorites. I'm glad it's served at Tokyo Bubble Tea! However, I got a bit sad when it was served, seeing it lacking in vibrant colors because there's too little veggies :(  
Good thing there's enough beef and a whole lot of flavors to still make 
me happy with my bowl of bibimbap. 😊

Matcha Cappuccino cake, P105/slice
My friend and I shared this dessert that provided a nice ending to our lunch. There's just a hint of sweetness to this moist and delicious baked goody, thankfully. Lip-smacking fillings of what tasted like mocha cream, actually the "cappuccino", are tucked in between layers of green tea-flavored cake. This was amazingly good!

Matcha Japanese Cheesecake Cream (M), P125.
This was such an awesome drink I fell in love with it on first sip! It's a milk drink with green tea topped with cheesecake cream that was just a little sweet but overly delicious. The cream reminded me of "taho" without the sugary syrup, only it's thinner and with a milky consistency. Black pearls are at the bottom, 
completing this lip-smacking drink.

Coffee Milk Tea with Jelly (L), P135.
 I loved this one, too even if I asked for 0% sugar. Truth is, 
I love all things coffee!

Strawberry Fruit-C (M), P115.
My friend's drink of choice. She loved it for it's sourness.
Brewed coffee, P85. 
My all-time elixir that I chose to have that particular time as we were having cake 
for dessert. Yup, perfect pairing, it was!

Inside Tokyo Bubble Tea in Trinoma

I just think Tokyo Bubble Tea is one great foodie find that is quite unique, modern and exciting. It offers good, healthier alternative to the usual pasta, pizza and burger that most restaurants offer, which are oftentimes the lazy, no-brainer choice when we decide to eat at the mall. However, there's a downside : prices are a bit steep and they charge for service so be prepared to spend more or less P400 each. I promise you one thing, though. Burning a hole in your pocket won't hurt so much this time with the quality of food and drinks that you're having. That said, expect me to jump at every chance to be back at Tokyo Bubble Tea. 
See you there, folks!
Happy eating!

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