Friday, March 10, 2017

Rainbow in my coffee at Happy Beans

I'm admittedly a lazy person when it comes to going places especially when I have to be out of my comfort zone, that is, Manila and Quezon City. But what great motivators food and coffee are! Last Saturday, I purposely went to Metrowalk in Pasig City, tagging along two of my kids, just to have a "pretty" cup of joe in this cute and comfy place called "Happy Beans". Well, we were indeed pleased to be there although our orders were a mixture of hits and misses, ayes and nays.
What we had:

The Food

Happy Burger to You
For me, this was the miss and nay. The burger patty was too soft and I suspected the reason to be that the meat had a lot of fat. Because I didn't like the texture, the taste followed. My daughter liked it though, so she proceeded to eat my burger when I stopped after two bites. Good thing the fries were good - firm with some crunch to it, and flavorful. The burger could be ordered ala carte but I opted for the "combo" with 
unli-fries and drinks for P168.

Three-Cheese Pizza
Sorry to say but this wasn't good either. The crust was a bit tough plus there 
was a lack in the flavor department. But then, 
I preferred this over the burger.

 Pestoriffic Pesto
This one saved the day for me. It tasted fresh and was bursting with flavors. It was somewhat different, too, as it had mushrooms and tomatoes -- a welcome change from the usual pesto. Yummy this! A must-try at Happy Beans!

Crazy Fingers
This was neither a hit nor miss. But it could have been a real hit if the batter wasn't soft but a bit crunchy. Still, I enjoyed this one solely for the reason that chicken 
is one of my top comfort foods.

Nacho Loco
The three of us all loved this one. Well, no one could go wrong with nachos even if all that's put on top is cheese. The chips are fresh and crunchy, thankfully. 
And there were enough bits of beef, tomatoes, onions 
and cheese to cover everything.

The thirst-quenchers 

Rainbow Latte
Isn't this pretty and very much Instagram-worthy? Well, I came for this and I was glad that it didn't disappoint me. Apart from its good looks, it tasted good as well! The coffee wasn't too strong and I loved the balance between the milk and espresso. This Rainbow Latte not only added life and color to my afternoon meal, it also 
gave me some jolt, enough for me to endure 
malling and some shopping afterwards.

Rainbow Milkshake
This was my daughter's and she loved it. How beautiful, this milkshake was, 
only it was too sweet for me. Just look at all those candies!

Mango Graham Milkshake
My son went for this one as he absolutely loves mangoes, be it ripe or green. This one was a wee bit lacking in the looks department but because it had mango, it was delicious and the not-so-little boy loved it to the last drop.

In and around Happy Beans 


Happy Beans is at 2nd Floor, Mall of Korea, Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

All in all, it was an enjoyable stay that we had at Happy Beans. I failed to mention that board games were available for diners and my kids had a blast with two rounds of chess while we waited for our food. I also loved the cozy and homey ambiance 
plus the friendly service. 
Sadly, as I said, not all the food that we ordered was good. 
Good thing the prices are reasonable. 
Would I come back? Why not? For the Pesto and the Rainbow Latte. Also, there are many others on the menu that I would want to try.
Try Happy Beans, folks, and have some fun with family and friends.
Happy eating!

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