Monday, January 2, 2017

Croc cuisine and more at The Urban Cafe

Some three years ago, a co-worker/friend and I went to this restaurant that served crocodile meat -- Nueve Cafe -- located at Wilcon City on Visayas Ave., where our office is located. I remembered ordering pasta that had croc meat in it, which I didn't enjoy much. Months later, I found out that the place had closed down, and another 
restaurant opened in its spot -- Urban Cafe. 
Just last week, I decided to try this one with my daughter, only to learn, much to my surprise, that it also served crocodile meat! I concluded then that this cafe is owned by the same ones as those of Nueve Cafe, although I forgot to ask the server. 
Anyway, I thought this place was much better now in terms of interiors. It now has a more modern look and the spot where we chose to be seated was cozy and even homey. When we placed our orders, my daughter surprised me by choosing to have croc steak. She was a lot bolder than me! I, ugh..had croc meat too but settled for something already processed -- sausage. Hehe...
These were what we had for lunch: 

Sousvide Croc Crossbone Steak, P195.
I took a bite of this and thought that croc meat had a distinct taste that I could not compare to pork or beef or chicken. I read somewhere, however, that it's similar to combined chicken and crab meat. I couldn't really agree because I was confused about whether my taste buds were getting the croc meat taste itself or the spices used in the dish. Honestly, croc meat is not for non-adventurous eaters like me. One more thing I disliked about this croc steak, it had a huge fat part which made me cringe, 
thinking about my liver. Ugh! 

 Croc Sausage Silog, P180.
This was more to my liking as the croc meat had been turned into wee bits and pieces and it was rightly spiced, only it was not very tender and juicy. It could be that it was already past its best age or a bit over-fried. Still, I was quite happy 
and satisfied with my meal.

Chocolate cake, P95/slice
Chocolate isn't my favorite kind of cake but I ordered this because I thought Santa was really cute. Seriously! I love Christmas-themed desserts! The cake itself was something to love, too, so no regrets about my choice. It was moist, 
chewy and not oversweet. 

Mocha Frappe, P145. 
My daughter's drink. Quite good but really saccharine! 

Cafe Cappuccino, P100. 
I loved my cup of joe for its spicy aroma and bold flavor plus the huge serving!

Last Friday, a holiday, was still a working day for me -- my last for 2016. I decided to go back to Urban Cafe by my lonesome for my afternoon break but I did not really take some rest because I brought with me some paperwork. I ordered the Urban Clubhouse which was really good! I washed it down with a cup of latte. I loved working in between bites and sips of such yummy things! 

Urban Clubhouse, P190.
I found bacon, egg, chicken, and tomatoes and crunchy slices of cucumber placed in between slices of wheat bread, and the cacophony of flavors worked immensely well with each other. I so loved this -- the best clubhouse sandwich I've had in a long time! There's wedged potatoes on the side but I'm not a fan of fried spuds so I didn't care much about it. Well, I did eat apiece and found it a bit limp. I would have liked it if were a little toasted and crunchy.

Cafe Latte, P90.
Thumbs up for my cup of poison! Even with the milk, it was still rich, bold and strong. It established Urban Cafe as my go-to place for good coffee when I'm at work.

Inside The Urban Cafe

Try The Urban Cafe whenever you swing by Visayas Ave., folks! Go get some crocodile meat if you love exotic food but settle for the "normal" things on the menu if you're not up for some adventure. And I'd definitely recommend the clubhouse if you want 
a filling sandwich. The coffee is a must try, too!
Be comfy and relaxed with the friendly crew at your service. Save your worries and tasks for later but if you must work or study as you sip coffee, there's free and fast wi-fi for added comfort and convenience. What's more, prices are not to break the bank for. See you there, friends 'coz I'm definitely coming back for more working breaks.
Happy eating!

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