Saturday, October 8, 2016

Enjoy coffee breaks at Country Style

When I'm at the mall and want a good cup of joe and a light meal because I'm not really hungry, I usually go to Country Style where sandwiches and coffee are both awesome and affordable. For a bit of info, Country Style is a Canadian bakery, deli and cafe franchise, with over 30 branches in the Philippines at present.
But what makes a sandwich awesome for me? First, it must be visually appealing to stir up the appetite.  You know - colors! There must be greens and reds for the veggies. Also, there must not be scrimping on the filling. The taste, of course, is just as important and the bread must be fresh. For these categories, it's all check for Country Style for me. As a bonus, their sandwiches are huge, so I usually only eat half 
and take the other half home. 
Meanwhile, their brewed coffee serves as the perfect thing to wash down everything. Yes, the cup of joe is another thing I love at Country Style - it's of medium roast so it doesn't come too strong for me. The only thing that makes Country Style less 
than perfect for me is they don't offer fancier coffee 
so no cappuccino or latte for me here. 
Anyway, here's what I (and sometimes, a companion) have 
had so far at Country Style:

Bagel Sunriser, P180. with brewed coffee

Ham Double Decker Sandwich, P125.

Bagel de Luxe, P110.

What's more to love at Country Style? They have all-day breakfast rice meals, too. My daughter once had this Beef Tapa with fried egg meal and she approved of the savory and 
tender slices of marinated beef.  

And there's more: pasta! Surprisingly, the spaghetti is quite good as attested to by my little boy. The sauce has a bold (notice the deep red color) , intense tomato-and-spice flavor balanced with a hint of sweetness. Aside from spaghetti, there's carbonara, 
too, but I've not tried it yet.

Spaghetti, P75. (not sure about this price, though)

Country Style is also known for their donuts, which my daughter loves. 
The Choco Log, which has a rich chocolate filling, is her top pick.

Choco Log, P30.

I also once ate a bit of the Cookies and Cream donut - a square piece of saccharine heaven 
that, had I finished, would have given me a diabetic's nightmare.
Cookies & Cream, P30.
Coffee - as always, my elixir. Only P50. per cup
Drooling over those treats? Head over now to the nearest Country Style and enjoy a sandwich (or donut, or a rice meal) and steaming cup of brewed coffee as much as I do. Most SM Malls have a branch, where you can quietly 
work on your tablet or read a book.
Happy eating!

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