Saturday, July 16, 2016

Banapple at SM North Edsa's Sky Garden

SM City North Edsa, lately, has become one big and exciting place for foodies like me who are constantly looking for something new to eat and enjoy. In the recent months up until the present, new restaurants have mushroomed, especially at the building at its one end called The Block. There are still, however, the so-called oldies but goodies, the ones that are standing the test of time. Such among them is Banapple where the entrees are crave-worthy and the desserts (cakes) are divine. I've been here thrice (with my kids) but I'm only sharing a few photos because on the first visit, I left my camera at home and I wasn't able to get good shots with my cellphone.
 Here's what we've had so far at Banapple:

Lasagna Roll-ups, P210.
Love, love, love this pasta dish! This was actually my daughter's order but I had a fair share of it. Tee-hee. Because there's basil in it, it's like eating lasagna and pesto at the same time. And notice that the flat pasta sheets are rolled up instead of piled one on top of the other like the usual lasagna. The melted cheese poured over seals in the guarantee that this one's uniquely delicious! Even the pesto bread that comes with it was good and served as the perfect complement to the pasta.

Glazed Pork Tocino with Creamed Parsley Eggs, P185. 
Had this once for brunch and it gave me the perfect start for a grueling workday. The pork tocino is very tender and flavorful, only it was a tad too sweet for me. 
Still, two thumbs up for this tocilog!

Bannoffee Pie
Believe it or not, we got this yummy dessert for free! Banapple was then celebrating its anniversary and they were giving this, which is their signature dessert, to the early birds. That's why my daughter and I were there for brunch and I had the tocilog. Haha! What a huge treat it was because believe me, Banapple's Bannoffee Pie is to-die-for! (Sorry, though, that this slice looks like a mess. The give-aways were prepared beforehand, placed by the piece in take-away containers. I only had it plated but failed to make it look better).

Blueberry Cheesecake, P125.
This was my little boy's order on another visit, this time just for dessert. This cheesecake, as you can see, is thicker than most other cheesecakes. 
It's also firm and sinfully delicious!

Iced Choco, P110.
This was my young son's drink. He liked it but it was
too sweet for me.

Cappuccino, P100.
A real caffeine treat! I'd go back for this anytime. 
Home-Made Iced tea, P70.
My daughter's drink. Banapple's version of this iced tea has a clean, smooth taste 
that's refreshingly good.

Banapple at SM City North Edsa's Sky Garden

On my first visit to Banapple with my daughter (when I failed to bring my camera), I had the Fettuccine Jacintha, which is herbed carbonara. I could say it was good but my daughter didn't like it. I commented that its taste was the kind that "grows" -- gets better as you eat. My daughter had the Warm Chicken Salad Sandwich then. 
The filling was a lot, but it was quite bland for me.
Still, Banapple is one of those restaurants that I want to keep coming back to - for the lasagna, coffee and cakes (for those cheat days!). It's a haven for those with a sweet tooth! I want to try their pies and other pasta next time. See you at Banapple, folks! 
Happy eating! 

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