Friday, May 13, 2016

Bang-for-the-buck banquet at King Bee Chinese Restaurant

My mom and us siblings recently marked the first death anniversary of our dad. Since he was laid to rest in Antipolo, we decided to look for a restaurant there where we could take our relatives after praying in the cemetery. One of our cousins who lives in Antipolo (we take residence in Manila) was the one who looked for a suitable place for our huge group (we were 34 in all). His choice? King Bee Chinese Restaurant, which turned out to be a very good choice in terms of service from the time I called for arrangements a few days before the date till we were actually there. After giving our orders over the phone, I was asked to text an hour before our expected time of arrival so they could start preparing all the food. Very convenient and hassle-free! On the day itself, 
everything went smoothly and we were immediately 
served the food once we were seated. 
Our orders:

Hototay soup
Our soup being poured into mini bowls.
Yang chow fried rice
White chicken
Bihon guisado
Lumpiang Shanghai
King Bee fried chicken

My family and our relatives were satisfied about the nice, filling meal that we enjoyed over loads of laughter and banter. I personally liked all our orders except for the Lumpiang Shanghai basically because of its unusual size. I (all of us in our table, actually) thought it wasn't "normal" for it to come in such a large size, making it uhmmm... dubious. Tee-hee. And the crunch was absent, too, which is sad because it's what makes me love lumpiang Shanghai aside of course, from the taste. Everything else was delicious, though, specially the Hototay soup and White Chicken. But as for the pancit bihon, I remember having it sooo good at King Bee-Fisher Mall, way better than the one we had  here in Antipolo, which was a bit dry. Hmmm..
Anyway, we didn't order any dessert because we brought a huge box of delicious "sapin-sapin" that my sister-in-law gave. And bless the King Bee manager, not only did he not charge us corkage fee, he even had the sapin-sapin plated and sliced for us. What excellent service! 
What's more, our bill was surprisingly low at only a little over P7,000, considering we were 34 persons in our group. Wow, real value for money!
I would definitely recommend King Bee Chinese Restaurant to everyone as it's perfect for family dining. Food is generally good at very affordable prices and service is fast, friendly and attentive.

Inside King Bee-Antipolo

King Bee at 120 Marcos Highway, Antipolo City

King Bee Chinese Restaurant also has branches in Fisher Mall, Commonwealth and 
E. Rodriguez in Quezon City, Las Pinas, Laguna, Cavite and in Angono, Rizal. 
Visit their website and Facebook account for more information.
Happy eating, folks!

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