Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's a celebration!.. at CPK

The past week saw our family celebrating a milestone. We had our second college graduate! I am so thankful to God for helping me and my hubby produce two professionals among our kids. After the graduation rites at the SMX Convention Center, our whole family went celebrating at California Pizza Kitchen, also at the Mall of Asia. It was actually my first time there, and I had a pretty good impression. The food was good and all of us had an enjoyable dinner. 
Our orders:

 Classic Caesar Salad, P275 (Half).
I love fresh garden salads for the health factor and CPK's Caesar Salad was great. I loved that the greens were cut up bite-sized, thus convenient to eat. I just wished there 
were more croutons. Tee-hee.

Quesadillas, P195.
This was delicious! I was used to having soft quesadilla but this one was crunchy. It was as if I was eating thin-crust pizza. As toppings, there were olives, chicken, tortilla strips and ranch dressing. It also was served with tomato salsa. Yummy!

BBQ Chicken Nachos, P325.
Our family, specially the kids, love nachos and we welcomed the departure of CPK's version from what we prepare at home. For one thing, this one's topped with really huge onion rings, all of which were eaten by my not-so-little boy.
Minus the onion rings, you could see that there's a crowd in here. Haha! Lots of things in there - chunks of avocado  and chicken, tomatoes, corn kernels and of course, nacho chips, some of them in beautiful, deep purple color.

Four Cheese Dip, P175.
This was hubby's order, which I forgot to taste but he and the kids liked it. Very cheesy, I'm sure, what with mozzarella, queso quesadila, Velveeta and smoked Gouda cheese put together for this dip.
Spaghetti Carbonara, P695. (Full)
Because this was on the other end of the table from where I was seated, I didn't bother to eat this but I got to taste it much later because we brought home what was left of it. But since it was already cold by then, I didn't appreciate it much. Well, I liked that it had big slices of ham  (or was it bacon?) but disliked that it had green peas.

Bolognese, P625 (Full)
This is a beauty, don't you think so, too, with those pretty pieces of ribbon-shaped farfalle pasta? And it's delicious, having bits of meat (Italian sausage), chopped mushrooms, and the 
right amount of tomato-based sauce. 
Me loved this!

Hawaiian  Canadian Pizza, P375.
I loved this the moment I laid my eyes on it. Just look at how all the toppings made the crust disappear! I mean that's a lot ham and pineapple which come in big slices. Very yummy!

Italian Sausage Pizza, P325.
In contrast to the Hawaiian pizza, this looks like it's lacking in toppings but this wasn't bad at all. We loved it, too, though a little less.

For drinks, three of us had fresh shakes, two had iced tea (which I didn't take a picture of) and one chose Peach Lemonade.
Cucumber Mint Shake, P195., Watermelon Shake, P175., 
Ripe Mango Shake, P175.
Peach Lemonade, P150.
It was one fine dinner apt for celebrating! I think we got too excited placing our orders and ended up ordering a lot! Sadly, we forgot about dessert but at the end of the meal, nobody cared anymore because we were stuffed! And we liked that we still had CPK food the following day 'coz we brought home the equivalent of a whole pizza plus some of the carbonara. 
Aside from the food, I also was satisfied about the attentive and friendly service and loved the cozy, relaxed ambiance of the place (it wasn't crowded, maybe because it was start of the workweek). The prices of the food were reasonable but it was a different story with the drinks, which I think were exorbitant. 
Still, I would recommend visiting California Pizza Kitchen for a nice meal, specially when you're coming in a group as the servings are huge. Well, half orders are available, too, so it's perfectly fine if you're dining solo or in pair.
Happy eating!