Friday, February 12, 2016

Tessie's Grills & Roasters in Tarlac City

I had previously shared about our visit to Monasterio de Tarlac
last New Year's eve where I mentioned that it was both a spiritual and gastronomic trip. Well, this new post much explains the gastronomic part. It was already past lunchtime when we left Monasterio and were understandably hungry. I suggested to my sister that we eat at Tessie's Grills and Roasters that my co-worker had recommended before we left Manila. No objection! Later, I thanked my friend for recommending the place as it is big and perfect for large groups such as ours. Also, the food is good, and they offer plenty of pasalubong items that were perfect for the two balikbayan in our group. My sisters had a grand time food-shopping. 
Anyway, here's what we had for lunch:

Pork sisig
Buttered mixed vegetables
Lumpiang sariwa
Sinigang na salmon
Fried hito with veggies and bagoong
Sinigang na baka sa bayabas
Ampalaya with shrimps
Water with lime
Wine is offered here by the glass

                                                       Inside Tessie's Grills & Roasters

Tessie's Grills & Roasters along MacArthur Highway, Tarlac City

Of all the dishes we ordered, it was only the Lumpiang sariwa that I didn't get to taste. Everything else was good, but I was a little disappointed with the Sinigang na baka sa bayabas because there was no distinct taste of guava. We didn't like the Calamares a lot, too because the batter was soft and we wanted it with a crunch. All the other dishes were good and I especially loved the Fried hito and Ampalaya with shrimps. The ampalaya strips 
were crunchy and fun to eat! 
What else did we love here at Tessie's Grills & Roasters? The prices! We were a big group of 15 persons and our food bill was only P2,600. My eldest daughter, who paid for our lunch, 
couldn't be happier. Hehe..
Check out Tessie's Grills and Roasters when you're in Tarlac City, folks!  
It's a haven of delicious Filipino food - perfect for bringing  
balikbayan friends and relatives.
Happy eating!

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